Corvette Drops A Gear And Smokes Arkansas State Police, Vanishes Like A Ghost

Provided the right car and the right situation not even the Arkansas State Police can catch up in hot pursuit

Fleeing from the authorities isn’t something that folks should ever do. For the few who actually attempt it, outrunning both the pursuing officer and the radio is often an impossible feat. However, this Chevrolet Corvette driver proves to be the exception to the rule. Once the Arkansas State Police had their lights on to pull over, the C7 dropped a gear and then disappeared.

Let’s not forget that the Arkansas State Police (ASP) love a good hot pursuit. From nearly wrecking at over 100 mph in hopes of catching just one speeder out of two, to racing through residential neighborhoods until a fleeing suspect crashes into a house, there’s very little they seem to shy away from. If the driver of the Corvette in this video knew that they must have been incredibly confident (or stupid) in both their own driving skill and their car to attempt such an escape.

The footage begins with Trooper Caleb Pevehouse pulling out onto the shoulder right after the Corvette and a pickup truck pass. They appear to be traveling at the same speed so it’s unclear why Pevehouse targets the Corvette but perhaps it was speeding before it came into frame. He doesn’t mention why once the audio cuts in either. What he does say is that the Corvette in question has temporary Oklahoma tags and that it’s tough to read the tag.

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As he tails the Corvette from the left lane to the right lane to the exit ramp he finally flips on his lights as the two are about to turn onto South Zero Street in Fort Smith. That’s when the Chevrolet driver lights up the rear tires and begins to rocket away. As the two cars accelerate the Corvette begins to put a serious gap on the police cruiser only to slow down at an intersection to let traffic pass. It’s the last time that the officer will see brake lights.

Despite driving at over 120 mph (193 km/h) the police car can’t help but lose ground to the American sports car. Pevehouse even comments on the situation saying “he’s definitely got more horsepower than me.” The pursuit continues for several minutes while the officers attempt to locate the Corvette but he doesn’t pop back up anywhere. At least no innocent bystanders ended up hurt as a result of this chase. That’s not always the case, even when the ASP does get its target. 

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