Animal director Sandeep Vanga’s brother Pranay upset with Triptii Dimri overshadowing Rashmika Mandanna: ‘Because of…’

After the blockbuster success of Sandeep Vanga’s Animal, a lot of actors and the director himself have been interacting with the media. Vanga’s brother and producer Pranay has also given some interviews.

While interacting with iDream Media, he spoke about being little upset with Triptii Dimri overshadowing Rashmika Mandanna. He revealed, “Geetanjali was a powerful character. (The critics) still want to make an issue. Rashmika did a good job in comparison with RK. Ranbir is one of the top 3 actors in cinema today. But none of the media in Mumbai are writing much about her.”

The filmmaker added, “Maybe because of PR agencies and what her background is that mattered. They are not showing openly but if you see through those lines, you will undestand. Triptii got a lot of fame.”

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He continued, “I feel Rashmika’s role was the best role after RK.”

Many reviewers called out the film and filmmaker Sandeep due to triggering scenes. A netizen took to X and said the filmmaker should see a psychiatrist. While conversing with Komal Nahta, the filmmaker said, “He (the person who tweeted) needs to go to the psychiatrist. Because he needs to understand that this is not what I am doing in real life, this is cinema, this is art, this is expression. I will make a few scenes uncomfortable, that’s the quality of the film, that’s the quality of art. It will upset you, it will provoke you, it will irritate you. If I do it in real life, if I take a rifle and barge into a reviewer’s office, that time you can tell me to consult a psychiatrist.”

Animal has entered Rs 500 crore at the box office and is the fourth film to achieve this feat after PathaanGadar 2 and Jawan. It also stars Suresh Oberoi, Prem Chopra and others in key roles.

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