Aamir Khan proves, ‘You could be the biggest of the superstars but for you the edge of the world rests at your child’

Aamir Khan is proving to be a true blue humble father of a bride. While he is gearing up for his daughter Ira Khan’s big day, he is leaving no stone unturned to make sure all the traditions and rituals are celebrated to the hilt, just the way the groom’s family wants. Taking on the role of a bride’s father, Aamir is overseeing the intricacies of Maharashtrian pre-wedding rituals, following authentic traditions.

Aamir Khan‘s daughter Ira Khan got married to her long-time bae Nupur Shikhare on 3rd January in a registered ceremony. While the couples started dating in 2022, they finally tied the knot at Taj Lands End, Mumbai which was a grand celebration attended by many dignitaries of the world. The loving and caring father Aamir Khan personally is making sure that all the necessary arrangements for the wedding are taken care of with utmost sincerity.

He decided to celebrate the Shagun Ki Mehendi and Haldi ceremony together with the groom’s family. Everyone is well decked wearing a nath, Gajra, and all the beautiful Jewellery. He made sure that the women of his family wore the traditional Navvari Sarees just as the Shikhare women did. As the picture comes, we can see Nisha, Gauri, Reena, Aamir Khan, Nikhat (sister), Laxmi, Leena and Farhat (sister). As the daughter is getting married in a Maharashtrian family, Aamir is doing everything that the groom’s family has asked for.

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Embracing the role of a devoted father of the bride, the megastar goes above and beyond to make sure that every ritual is in accordance with the Maharashtrian traditions, just as the groom’s family wants.

The sincerity with which he has involved not only the women from the groom’s side but also those from Ira’s side in this cultural richness is a testament to his commitment.

Aamir Khan’s undivided attention and energy invested in crafting a memorable wedding experience for his daughter serve as a reminder that, despite being a renowned superstar, the truest measure of success rests in the happiness of one’s children.

As the grand celebrations unfold, Aamir Khan reminds us of every Indian father who just wants his daughter to be a happy bride and have the best for a memorable wedding. Presenting such, a generous, and diligent gesture, Aamir Khan has proved that even if you are the biggest superstar of the nation and all the stardom is at your feet, when it comes to being a father, he is always anxious, humble, overwhelmed, and happy for his daughter.

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