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As the temperatures fall further and further during January and February, many people will be turning their thoughts to the Spring and Summer when the UK comes out of winter and they begin to plan where they will go on holiday.

Those who do intend to travel outside of the UK for their holidays will have a bevvy of options from around the world to choose from. Many may choose to spend their free time in the sun in some of Europe’s best cities such as Paris, Madrid, Berlin, or Lisbon.

However, some may choose to go further afield or find that one city that barely any tourists have visited and remains untouched by crowds. One city in Romania has barely any tourists at all which could make it perfect for a short break.

The city of Cluj-Napoca is Romania’s second largest city and acts as a brief stopping point for tourists on their way to the Apuseni Mountains. For people who choose to stay in the city, there are plenty of sights and sounds to witness and several places for them to visit.

These include St Michael’s Church in the Gothic Style and the Fabrica de Pensule which acts as an art space and gallery. According to CNN the city is also home to a “thriving” bar and café scene and fascinating town squares.

Cluj-Napoca has received high praise on TripAdvisor which describes the city as the “unofficial capital of Transylvania” which has a “vibrant arts scene that embraces both the traditional and the progressive”.

Alongside St Michael’s Church visitors can also go to the Grădina Botanică “Alexandru Borza” botanical gardens and the Central Park Simion Bărnuțiu.

Visitor Jim C said the gardens were lovely and “well maintained” while Gabriella A added: “The garden looks great this time of the year. We admired the beautiful roses at the entrance and also spent some time in the woods area. Worth spending some time there.”

Outside of Cluj-Napoca is the Cheile Turzii, a wildlife area which tourists can be guided around in family groups or explore individually.

Laura Syrbe said: “We did the circuit (red dot mark on signs). We booked our experience with Tudor from “Curly Guided Tour” – highly recommend him! It was a pleasure to spend time with such a nice local, who told us many interesting things about the surroundings and the Romanian culture.

“I was surprised by how gorgeous nature can be even when dormant. We did the round path. If you go in winter you might need nails for your shoes. The guide took it but we didn’t have to use them eventually.

“I loved the fact that it was all very quiet. We were basically alone on the whole trek (10ish dogs reached us on the way). I know the place gets very busy in summer so if you – like me- don’t enjoy crowds go in the low season! [sic]”

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