5 Tips To Remember When Traveling During The Pandemic With Your Dog

The only source of revival from days of confinement during lockdowns is to travel. And what could be better than traveling with your furry friends? However, COVID-19 has posed a risk for both humans and their beloved pets. Traveling has become more complicated in the pandemic, and of course, you are reluctant to leave your dog behind. The following tips will help you travel with your canines hassle-free.

Tips For Road Trip With Pets

At present, opting for road trips seems the safest mode of travel. However, it includes additional precautions for social distancing, especially when you are taking your dog along. The tips below will help you travel without breaking the social-distancing norms.

a crated dog

Avail Dog Carrier

Throughout the journey, the one necessary thing you want to make sure of is the comfort of your pet and other co-passengers simultaneously. Reliable dog crates ensure you get the perfect size, durability, and portability for a comfortable journey.

The best carrier makes your dog stand and turns around with ease, should have proper ventilation and enough space to keep food and water. It’s best to train your dog to stay in the crate days before traveling so that he can have a comfortable and safe stay inside, maintaining social-distancing standards.

Also, before hitting the road, you can search about some of the dog-friendly caravan parks on your way to the destinations. Your pup would love such a treat.

Pack Right

Packing supplies for your dog is as essential as you pack your stuff, and as you’re traveling in the pandemic, extra care is required for the same. Start by taking ample food and water for your dog to avoid any shortages. Try to keep the regular food supplies that must include your pet’s favorite treats and canned food in emergencies.

You may need short breaks during your journey to make your pet stretch legs and relieve himself. Therefore, it is advisable to put your pet on a harness to avoid any direct contact to retrieve your dog.

Do not forget to take poop bags and garbage bags, tissues, gloves, and sanitizers to evade spreading infection. Dogs can get travel-anxieties, so carry his toys, feeding and drinking bowls, blanket, and bed to reduce stress.

Tips For Flying With Pets

Airplane travel guidelines are changing rapidly during the pandemic. Before flying, you should go through the policies on the website or call airlines for guidance. Here are the vital tips when flying with your dog.

tips for flying with pets

Adhere To The Rules

While flying, you can either carry the dog on the plane or check it as cargo. Different airlines have different rules regarding taking a pet on-board. Mostly, airlines allow dogs that fit in a crate and can be kept under the seat. According to set guidelines, only service dogs are allowed to travel without a crate with the passenger.

Bigger dogs that do not fit in a crate are transported as cargo. During the pandemic, most airlines have temporarily restricted taking pets as cargo. In case they are delivered, there must be a separate flight booking on cargo planes to the same destination.

You have to collect your pet from the cargo station of the specified flight. So, if you want to fly with your dog without hurdles, talk with a travel agent who can plan accordingly to avoid any last-minute complications.

Take Necessary Documents

a dog in a garden

Before the tour, schedule a health check-up with the vet to know if he is healthy enough to travel with you. Get his vaccinations done and keep the documents handy. Sometimes interstates travel may require the certificate of health for pets, so obtain it as per the policies.

There are additional rules for getting mandatory tests and using chips to identify your pet. The microchip should be registered, carrying all the latest information regarding your phone number, address, an emergency backup number, and the medical history of your dog.

Get Detailed Information About Accommodation

Smart planning can lead to an enjoyable journey. Before commencing your trip with your dog, check all requirements. The most important being the pet-policies while choosing layovers or accommodations. Several places otherwise allow pets but not during the time of the pandemic.

So, get clear communication from the concerned person about the changing rules. If you get pet-friendly lodging, try to book a ground floor room with an easy exit to take your dog out for a walk while avoiding other guests.


Traveling with your furry friend needs a lot of patience and flexibility. Correct and elaborate planning can help you make better arrangements for your dog and maintain its routine of playing, exercising, and feeding. Ensure your pet’s safety by getting all immunizations and restrict him from making contact with other people. Get your dog trained to crates beforehand for his safekeeping. With the right groundwork, you can enjoy bringing your dog for your travel spree even during COVID-19.

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