You’ll See Your Reflection In This Bugatti Chiron, Even If You Can’t Afford It

On top of being shiny, this in one of the first three Bugatti Chirons to ever be delivered to a customer

 You’ll See Your Reflection In This Bugatti Chiron, Even If You Can’t Afford It

Humans aren’t that different from magpies: we really, really do like shiny things. And when it comes to shine, few things can match the allure of this 2017 Bugatti Chiron. However, what makes this particular model intriguing goes beyond its exterior sheen.

Dubbed “La Mer Argentee” or, the “Silver Sea” for obvious reasons, it was first ordered in April 2016, and as a result is one of the first three Chirons to ever be delivered to a customer. Clearly aware that they were ordering a special car, the buyer went all out when it came to speccing it out.

The rear section of the exterior is finished in Nocturne, while the front is in Argent Metallic. In addition to the paint, its signature line, engine cover, and horseshoe grille were all also finished in Argent Metallic. This model is one of only three Chirons to have received this front-end treatment.

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Photos Simon Clay / RM Sotheby’s

Inside it has Beluga Black leather with Italian Red quilting comfort seats (a €25,000/$27,400 USD option) and its name was etched into the headrests (a €4,500/$4,900 USD option). It was also equipped with red brake calipers (a €3,000/$3,300 option).

In 2019, it went back to the Bugatti factory for some improvements, including a Performance Package that gave it the suspension setup from the Chiron Sport, polished aluminum wheels, and a carbon fiber windshield wiper, all of which cost €125,000 ($136,900 USD at current exchange rates).

Later, it again returned to the factory, where it received an aluminum-effect wrap, which gives it its almost mirrored finish. Credit where it’s due, the photographer for this auction listing did an amazing job of keeping their reflection out of it.

Now offered for sale by its original owner, the Chiron “La Mer Argentee” has just 2,956 miles (4,758 km) on the odometer. A rare and early example of the breed, RM Sotheby’s estimates that it could sell for as much as $3.8 million.

Photos Simon Clay / RM Sotheby’s

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