(Watch) ‘Electra’ stumps to make their electrifying Big Bash League debut

The recently introduced ‘Electra’ stumps, known for their color-flashing spectacle, have marked their debut in the Big Bash League (BBL 2023) following their earlier use in the Women’s BBL. The innovative bails and stumps promise to add an electrifying element to key moments during the BBL matches.

The primary feature of the ‘Electra’ stumps lies in their ability to flash different shades and combinations of colors, serving as visual cues for various in-game decisions. These decisions encompass crucial events such as no-balls, wickets, boundaries, and even the interval between overs.

The ‘Electra’ stumps not only dazzle with their dynamic displays but also tackle a crucial issue in the game. They eliminate the need for the heavier magnet-operated “Zinger bails,” preventing instances where the bails fail to dislodge upon impact. This innovation ensures a smoother and more reliable cricketing experience.

Former cricketers Michael Vaughan and Mark Waugh took part in the grand unveiling of these groundbreaking stumps ahead of the match. The ‘Electra’ stumps are designed to exhibit five distinct displays throughout the game, each accompanied by a specific color sequence:

  1. Out: The stumps will flash in a vibrant red before igniting in a burst of color.
  2. Boundary (four): A dynamic color shift, where all colors flash in an alternate pattern.
  3. Six: An upward motion of all colors, creating a visually striking display.
  4. No-ball: Red and white lights smoothly scroll along the length of the stumps.
  5. Between overs: A pulsating effect alternating between purple and blue scrolls, signaling the interval between overs.

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