Watch A Ford Taurus Driver Get Instant Karma When They Cut Off A Semi Truck

In the long-standing battle between cars and semi trucks, cars have yet to win and this is the latest loss

Bad drivers are everywhere and many times their poor habits go unpunished. When one has a serious lapse of situational awareness around an 18-wheeler things can go from bad to terrible fast. That appears to be exactly what happened on Interstate 35 in Iowa when a Ford driver learned the hard way to pay more attention when behind the wheel.

According to the timestamp from the video in question, this incident actually occurred years ago in 2016 but as far as we can tell, this is the first time we’ve seen the crash. It takes place on the I-35 bridge in Iowa above US Highway 30. Video from the bridge shows a Ford Taurus merging onto the road with almost no traffic whatsoever.

Sadly for the driver, the one bit of traffic just so happened to be an 18-wheeler trundling along in lane two. As the Ford driver merges into the lane going far slower than the big rig, the truck driver moves into lane one to avoid slowing down. Then, almost in unison, the Ford driver merges into the same lane. Despite the oncoming truck, the Ford driver continues on as the two cross the bridge.

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With nowhere to go, the truck driver hits the rear of the Ford which causes the car to twist and come to rest on the front of the truck as both come to a slow stop. Video from the opposite side of the bridge shows that the trucker slightly pulls off of the road to the left once both vehicles are past the bridge itself. Being that this is a video only with no description it’s tough to say what outcome these drivers had.

There’s even the possibility that the Ford driver had some sort of medical emergency that caused them to merge the way they did. Of course, it wouldn’t be the first time that we’ve witnessed a person simply be too oblivious to their surroundings that an accident like this happened.

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