Travel hack allows travellers to find ‘error fares’ for long haul flights as cheap as £40 | Travel News | Travel

Long haul travel can be as exciting as it is expensive, and the price of flights alone can often be a deterrent from booking a holiday abroad.

But now thanks to a little-known hack, travellers can find impossibly cheap long-haul flights.

Capitalising on error fares presents a great opportunity to save on flights, especially if you’re open to flexible travel destinations.

These fares result from uncommonly low prices, often stemming from airline or travel agency pricing errors or glitches in software and algorithms.

Passengers have previously booked flights significantly below the standard cost due to errors in the booking process.

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Luckily, many airlines honour these mistakes, with approximately 70 percent of such cases resolved even after rectifying pricing issues.

Airlines and travel agents typically act promptly to rectify error fares, requiring quick action from individuals who come across these opportunities to secure discounted rates.

For those interested in finding such errors, dedicated websites exist to detect mistakes as soon as they occur, allowing a broader audience to benefit from them.

Secret Flying, for instance, has a section solely focused on unveiling exceptionally affordable deals.

According to Tarik Allag, the website’s founder, some of their best deals have been discovered in this particular section.

He told Flashpack: “These fares are usually quickly corrected but for anyone who manages to make good on the mistake, the original price is often honoured by the airline or travel agency.

“We occasionally find these types of fares on Secret Flying and have a section dedicated to them.

“They account for some of our all-time best deals, including Europe to Brazil for €78 (£67), and Toronto to Sicily for C$73 (£43).”

Jack’s Flight Club has also been known to publish error fares when discovered, unveiling similarly inexpensive deals for their audience.

Some of the highlighted error fares by Jack’s Flight Club include a £40 flight from London to Los Angeles, a return trip from London to Havana for £201, and a return journey from Manchester/Scotland to Hawaii for £258.

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