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While most holidaymakers looking for a location this summer might turn to Cornwall or Devon for their sun-and-sand fix, there’s no denying that the crowds to be found at these destinations are not ideal. 

Instead of heading for a holiday hotspot in 2024, why not try this underrated seaside town?

Just a stone’s throw from the ever-popular Blackpool, Lytham St Annes has all the hallmarks of a coastal paradise without the hassle a rabble of tourists can bring. 

Thanks to the lesser number of visitors that this Lancashire town gets, its beaches remain clean and unspoiled. Plus, you’re guaranteed a prime spot.

Their most well-known beach is St Anne’s, but the surrounding coastal area is crammed with hidden coves and sandy stretches. If you do choose to head for the main beach, be sure to stop off at its Victorian pier as well, which houses old-school arcade games and an excellent ice cream parlour. 

For a day out all are sure to enjoy, going to Fairhaven Lake is a must. More adventurous visitors will love the boating facilities, with motorboats and rowing boats available to hire. 

Or, if you prefer to be in the passenger seat, a cruise operates throughout the summer and allows guests to take in the surrounding scenery at their leisure. 

While you’re on the lake, be sure to keep an eye out for birds. As one of the most important wetlands in the country, Fairhaven Lake is home to thousands of species. An RSBP Visitor Centre is on-site, ready to help you identify any waterfowl you might come across. 

The actual town of Lytham St Anne’s is an ideal place to spend the summer, and has all manner of entertaining activities. 

Any drinks lover will appreciate the Lytham Gin Distillery, where enthusiasts can book a private tour and tasting session led by an expert.

Another local highlight is the striking White Church, situated in the town centre. A stunningly modern architectural delight, it also hosts a coffee morning every Thursday, which visitors are more than welcome to attend. 

Lytham St Anne’s is also home to two stunning gardens, both with impressive ponds and immaculate flowerbeds. 

Most excitingly, Lytham St Anne’s hosts a music festival each summer, featuring artists like Hozier and Rick Astley. 

Despite having a population that barely cracks 40,000, Lytham St Anne’s is by no means gastronomically deficient and has many delicious restaurants for guests to choose from. 

For a quick lunch, head to Elvin’s and sample some authentic Lebanese dishes. 

If you’re after a bit of fine dining, look no further than Novello. An Italian restaurant for those with the finest palettes, their signature tuna tartar is a must-order.

As for hotels, the best place to stay is undoubtedly the central Queens Hotel in Lytham. Combining modern comforts with a Victorian façade, your time here will be a delight. 

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