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Ever dreamed of living on an island? If you’re looking to get off the grid for a bit in 2024, there’s nowhere more attractive than a holiday on an island.

But while many Britons might be dreaming of a tropical island stay, a northern European country has the continent’s highest number of islands.

Sweden is thought to have the most islands in Europe with more than 267,000 listed in the Scandinavian country.

Fewer than 1,000 are inhabited and some of the islands are extremely small, making them hard to use as a holiday destination.

However, that still leaves plenty of incredible island escapes for British tourists who need to switch off.

Stockholm, Sweden’s capital city, is actually spread across 14 islands but they’re so close together that tourists will find it easy to walk between them over bridges.

Perhaps the prettiest of the capital’s islands is Djurgarden, a national park in the centre of the city. Home to many of Stockholm’s most iconic museums, Djurgarden is a top destination for tourists.

If you’re looking for somewhere a little more private, there’s nowhere better than the Stockholm archipelago. Made up of 30,000 islands, there’s an archipelago hideaway to suit every taste.

Tourists short on time might like to book an archipelago tour which leaves from Stockholm city centre.

If there’s time for a day trip, Fjarderholmarna is just 20 minutes by boat from Stockholm and is usually packed during the summer season.

Slightly further afield, tourists will find upmarket Sandhamn which is one of the archipelago’s more expensive holiday destinations.

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