The Best Soft Dog Crates (Reviews of 2023)

We all like our pooches! Then, why do we lock them in the kennel; maybe in a metal, plastic, wooden, or any best soft-sided dog crate? The answer is simple, it is not cruel to use a crate for our dogs as far as we provide frequent breaks, water, and food.

We not only make a crate ‘The Happy Place’ for our little champs but also we take them out for a ride. Well, the crate is the answer for the prevailing doggy errands. I.e. house training, safe car rides, picnic, air-travel.

At a Glance: Best Soft Dog Crates

In case, if you are in a bit of hurry or already know about the soft dog crates then you can read the following section for the best soft-sided crates. We know that there are many soft dog crates on the market, each of them having something unique to offer. Find out below about the unique features of the dog crates.

Best Soft Dog Crate


Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home for Pets: Starting from its design, the frame is rigid and sturdy which can hold a strong small or medium-sized dog inside. Additionally, the outer cover i.e. the soft-sided cover is well stitched and of good material. It is an easy entry to exist for a dog. Using the top door opening during the travel will be the best experience not only for the dog but also for you too.

Best Soft Sided Stroller

dog crate pads


Paws & Pals Three Wheel Stroller for Dogs: A stroller for the dog is just like a stroller people use for their kids, to take them along during shopping, etc. Similarly, you can use a stroller for the dog to carry a dog along. Moreover, you can use a stroller for the toy-sized dogs who are not fit for long walks. It comes at a decent affordable price and is made up of sturdy and reliable materials.

Best Foldable/Expandable Soft Sided Dog Crate

expandable dog crate


Petsfit expandable soft sided dog crate is one of the best kennels which has a feature that we can use at our wish. You can easily open the expandable pocket at the side of the dog crate. It will have a meshed net material which you can squeeze in order to close the pocket in the carrier.

Best Airline Approved Soft Sided Dog Crate

airline approved soft sided dog crate


Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier: Sherpa has come up with an ultimate travel pet carrier which is both durable and stylish. You can rely on the quality of the product for every type of travel. The carrier will be suitable for a car ride, airline transport, bus travel, or a picnic spot. Also, the best part about the crate is its large two opening doors.

**Rated by experts at Petlovesbest at the time of publication. It has nothing to do with Amazon ratings and reviews.

Pros & Cons of Soft Sided Dog Crate

  • Easy to handle, set up and fold.
  • Suitable for dogs suffering from separation anxiety.
  • Lightweight.
  • Washable.
  • Not at all harmful for dogs.
  • Cheaper than other types of dog crates.
  • Convenient for a car ride.
  • Strollers(a type of soft sided dog crate) are the best for small or handicapped dogs.
  • Stains and stink can settle permanently after the dog accidentally soils the crate.
  • Short life.
  • Not very suitable for inquisitive pooches.
  • Due to minimum air vents, crate gets warm easily.
  • It is washable yet very difficult to clean.

Types of Soft Sided Dog Crate

Similar to the metal dog crates, we can divide the soft-sided pooch kennels into various categories. We can divide the soft dog crates into five main categories on the basis of their use and design. The five main categories i.e. Airline approved crates, exercise pen, portable/foldable, strollers, and soft-sided car covers. They are the best-recommended dog crates of this year.

Airline Approved Soft Sided Dog Crates

Here is the first and foremost, airline approved soft-sided dog crates. If you are an avid airline traveler then you probably know about the airline companies implying some of the safety rules. Similarly, while transporting a dog crate requires the kennel to meet all the certain rules and standards.

You cannot take a DIY dog crate to an airline if that is not airline compliant. Likewise, the factory made plastic, metal, wooden, and soft-sided dog crate products also need to airline compliant. However, the rules differ for the every airline cargo carrier companies.

You need to check the specific rules of an airliner beforehand in which you are transporting your dog. Moreover, the airline companies majorly follow the rules levied by the International Air Transport Association(IATA).

Furthermore, carrying a dog on the passenger’s deck requires a certain standard of the soft-sided dog crate or a plastic dog crate(check out Best Plastic Dog Kennels here). This only happens when the airliner is not completely packed with the passengers and have not crossed the maximum number of pets allowed on the airline(Suppose: Total six pets are allowed on passenger’s deck).

However, some airline companies have made pet traveling easier. Thus, you can plan to buy a pet carrier in order to carry your little guy aboard. Here are some of the airline approved soft-sided dog crates.

Airline Approved Soft Kennels

1. Sherpa Travel Original Deluxe Airline Approved Pet Carrier

2. Pet Magasin Luxury Soft-Sided Cat Carrier [Airline TSA Approved]

4. Pawfect Pets Pet Travel Carrier, Soft-Sided with Two Pet Mats

5. Caldwell’s Pet Supply Airline Approved Pet Carrier with 2 Soft Fleece Pads-Washable

6. Jet Sitter Airline Approved Pet Carrier

7. Mr. Peanut’s Airline Approved Pet Carrier

8. Sleepypod Air In-Cabin Pet Carrier

Soft Sided Exercise Pens

A soft-sided dog crate is generally suitable for a calm and obedient dog who does not have a mouthing habit. Otherwise, damaging the soft-sided dog crate is not a big thing for an animal who has paw nails and sharp teeth.

Likewise, keeping a pooch inside the small kennel is not justified. Dogs need little more space than a sleeping area to stretch and walk and run. Small kennels were only a solution for the pooches who have separation anxiety. That means the dogs who cannot cope with separation, a small confinement is necessary in order to feel secure.

On the other hand, we have the soft-sided exercise kennels which allow a dog to move freely. It is a fairly large confinement for a dog. In the exercise pen, a dog can either play or move freely which leads to mild exercises for a dog.

However, we can also use an exercise pen to confine a dog for house training while he is alone. On the contrary, some dogs need a cozy enclosure or den to relieve anxiety. In that case, an exercise pen cannot really be used for the dog.

Generally, people use a combination of both i.e. a soft-sided dog crate inside the exercise pen. Thus, it solves three major problems in one go.

Firstly, the Fido will get enough moving space and exercise. Secondly, he can use the soft-sided dog crate placed inside the pen during separation anxiety. Finally, keeping a litter box outside the crate at a corner in the pen will be the potty safe enclosure for a dog.

Here are some of the best soft sided exercise pens you can choose from:

Best Soft Sided Exercise Pens

1. ESK Collection Blue Pet Dog Exercise Pen

2. Zampa Pet Playpen Foldable Portable Dog Exercise Kennel

3. Precision Pet Soft Side Play Yard

4. Petsfit Pop Up Dog Foldable Exercise Pen

5. Petmaker Pet Pop-Up Playpen Deluxe & Canvas Carrying Bag

6. Ruff ‘n Ruffus Portable Foldable Pet Playpen

Portable/Foldable Soft Sided Kennels

Foldable or portable kennels mean you can either retract the partial portion of the kennel or expand it for more inside space. See the figure for an example:

You can use this type of collapsible dog crate as a large soft dog crate at times. It saves a lot of space and money. Additionally, a dog gets enough space to sleep in the enclosure which is desirable.

It has a simple zipper which you can open up to expand the size of the soft crate. Furthermore, the extension will also have the similar material as the rest of the vents of the bag. However, the material used for the extension varies from brand to brand.

Portable/Foldable Soft Sided Carriers

1. Petsfit Expandable Travel Dog Carrier with Fleece Mat

2. PPOGOO Portable Dog Carriers

3. LOGROTATE Expandable Airline Approved Soft Side Travel Pet Carriers

4. Expandable Airline Approved Soft Sided Pet Carrier by Pet Peppy

5. Mypal Expandable Soft Pet Carrier

6. AmazonBasics Premium Folding Portable Soft Pet Crate

Soft Sided Strollers

Many pet parents use strollers for their little four-legged kids. We know dog loves to run around the space whenever possible. Additionally, it is essential for a pooch in order to have a healthy body.

Thus, there are many reasons for a person to take his/her dog for a walk or a run. On the other hand, pet parents of some lazy, handicapped, or injured dogs will use a stroller. In addition to that, many pet parents think it is cute to carry their champs in the stroller.

Best stroller for a dog is just like buying a soft dog crate. You need to consider the temperament of the Fido. Getting a stroller for an inquisitive pooch is not advisable. Similarly, if your pooch has a mouthing habit then also a stroller is not advisable.

Generally, the stroller is suitable for the injured, handicapped dog or some healthy pooches who do not need exercising a lot. Moreover, the small size dog breeds do not require rapid exercise. In fact, making them walk more than a specific distance will heat their bodies.

Therefore, choosing a soft-sided stroller is advisable for the small breed dogs. Because they are not really capable of walking long distances in one go. It appears in the similar case for the younger kids after they have started to walk yet a stroller is needed they get tired walking long distances i.e. a big park or a shopping mall.

There are many types of pooch strollers available in the market. Its construction and design depend upon the manufacturer. Some makers produce a stroller similar to that of the soft-sided dog crate i.e. with a fabric boundaries and meshed net for vents.

Further, the makers also produce the stroller which has a limited enclosure and some open doors. It is very useful to hold a calm dog inside whereas the enclosed stroller is for an inquisitive toy sized dog breed.

indestructible dog crate
walmart dog crate

Look at the images, both the strollers have different construction yet built for the similar task.

Best Soft Sided Strollers

1. Paws & Pals Three Wheel Stroller for Dogs

2. Vivo Four Wheel Foldable Carrier Strolling Cart

3. Pet Gear No-Zip NV Pet Stroller

4. Pet Gear No-Zip Special Edition 3 Wheel Pet Stroller

5. HPZ Pet Rover Premium Heavy Duty Pet Stroller Travel Carriage

6. ibiyaya Pet Carrier + Backpack + CarSeat + Pet Carrier Stroller All in one

7. Best Choice Products 2-in-1 Pet Stroller and Trailer w/Hitch

Soft Car Seat Covers for Dogs

Here comes the last type i.e. the soft-sided car covers for this topic. It is very essential to keep the car clean from pooch’s fur while him in the car. Most the dogs shed their fur either profusely or minutely but they do.

In this case, you will require a car seat cover which will cover the seat, doors from spoiling of fur. Additionally, the other purpose is using the soft-sided boundaries inside the car to constraint a dog at his place. Without that, a dog can easily keep moving everywhere in the car increases the chances of getting hurt or distracting the driver.

The best Soft Sided Car Partition for Dogs

1. Doggie World Dog Car Seat Cover

2. Bushwhacker – Paws n Claws Deluxe Dog Barrier

3. URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Hammock

4. Transpawt Luxury Dog Car Seat Covers

5. Useful Thingy Dog Car Seat Covers for SUV Cars

The 25 Best Soft Dog Crates of 2023 (Reviews)

Here are the ten best soft sided dog houses which are better than the rest which you see on the market. Additionally, some of the dog houses have unique features which are better when you want something specific.

1. Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home for Pets

Petnation is a dedicated dog products manufacturer. The brand has a great reputation for the soft sided dog crate series. The series includes all types of the crates i.e. different sizes, and design. Apart from the kennels, this brand manufactures the dog leash rope, waste bags. However, the dominance of their soft sided dog crate product line is more in the market as compared to the other products.

large dog crate


  • Smooth and water-resistant fabric.
  • Good for a dog suffering from separation anxiety.

In-Depth Review

We have ranked this product not only for its economical price but also for its great usefulness. The apparent soft sided dog crate is economical compared to the other products which we are about to see further.

Additionally, the pooch house has a good color combination i.e. a dull color patch and a dark color at the base of the product. You might not get anything better than this considering the price bracket.

Apart from the appearance, this is a soft sided dog crate which you can easily take it along during a tour or picnic. However, the worst part about the product is that a dog can easily chew it. In fact, that is the problem with every soft sided pooch houses.

Thus go for this product only if you think your little champ is calm and does not chew things. Ultimately, every dog has the mouthing habit which you will to train and stop it. Only after that, a dog can easily stay inside the soft sided dog crate.

2. EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

Elite field is also an exclusive dog products manufacturer like the Petnation. In fact, this brand to produces a limited number of the other products which includes Elitefield soft dog crate, soft-sided exercise pen, metal wire dog crate, and electric dog training collar.

However, the main products about from this brand which dominates the market are especially the soft sided dog crate series. The manufacturer delivers numerous color schemes and dog crates with vivid designs.

elite field large soft dog crate


  • Three openings.
  • Two external pockets and bottle holder.
  • Easy carry handles.
  • Quality of the ventilation net is not up to the mark.

In-Depth Review

Starting from the best thing about the product first, you will get numerous color schemes to choose from. This availability of more colors is the best part of the product. Additionally, none of the products have that much color variants.

Secondly, this is a soft sided dog crate which will have larger vents for maximum air flow inside. Thus, it will suit a dog having a dense coat. Additionally, the fiber mesh net of the dark color will keep most of the bright lights outside. Therefore, it will not make the dogs anxious who generally have a hard time coping with separation anxiety.

Apart from that, the design and construction of the soft sided dog crate here is efficient in holding a medium sized dog inside easily. However, the dog shall have a habit of mouthing. In addition to that, the dog shall be calm and never get anxious inside the kennel.

The Elite field soft sided dog crate has 3 door opening which will make it easier to clean and handle a dog. You can easily let any of the three doors open while traveling in the car or a bus. It will not only allow a dog to enjoy the ride but also help him cope with anxiety better.

You can easily set up the kennel or fold down according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Furthermore, the folded kennel will have multiple hook and buckles on which you can easily put the belt/strap to carry the kennel. However, using those points excessively can result in premature damage. Thus, make sure you use those points of strap-on hooks occasionally.

3. Noz2Noz Soft-Krater Indoor and Outdoor Crate for Pets

Noz2noz is again one such brand which produces exclusively dog products. Its products list includes the items i.e. soft sided dog crate, pool dispenser and collection bag, poop cleaner tools, plastic dog crates, collar, and leash.

In contrast to it, the most renown product of this brand is the soft sided dog crate product line. Moreover, the brand dominates the market with its soft pooch houses. Most of the other products find a bit difficult to do the same.

dog crate walmart


  • Tough frame design.
  • Simple opening doors.
  • Limited ventilation is not good for a dog having dense coat.
  • Limited vision can make a curious dog anxious.

In-Depth Review

Looking at the soft dog house, the appearance and design seem pretty nice. It will easily blend in with the surroundings even while you are traveling in your car or being indoors.

It has a four-sided meshed net which allows partial light and a generous airflow. Thus it will be suitable for a dog having separation anxiety and also to the dog having a dense coat.

The top zipper door makes traveling in a car with your dog a pleasant experience. Not only the dog will be excited about the travel but also the soft sided dog crate your task easier.

However, cleaning the kennel is very difficult and it will consume most of your time of a quarter day. Moreover, pet parents prefer using a dog crate bed or a waterproof dog crate pad which will save the soft sided dog crate of accidents.

You can choose to scroll up or down the wall nets to control the light exposure and airflow inside the kennel.

4. Go Pet Club Soft Crate

Go Pet Club is a premium brand who manufactures the products used for pets. The brand produces the series of metal and soft sided dog crate, cat trees, pet strollers, cot beds, dog crate beds, exercise pens. There is a wide range of product categories from which you can select any of the pet products, especially for the cats and dogs.

medium dog crate


  • Complete enclosure and restriction of lights.
  • Optimum ventilation is provided.
  • The bas of the crate will last longer.
  • The fabric material is not up to the mark, uneven stitches can make things worse.

In-Depth Review

The soft dog crate from Go Pet Club is one of the most useful soft dog kennels. It has a pair of external scrolling curtains along with the meshed net vents. That means that you can either allow a dog to look outside or not to look outside by scrolling up and down the curtains.

Also, it will be suitable for a calm dog who suffers from separation anxiety while being alone. Also, the limited vision of the outside surroundings via a meshed net for ventilation is desirable.

The downside about this product is that is not the toughest soft dog crate that your pooch couldn’t break out of. There are some soft kennels which are far better than this one in terms of holding a dog inside safely.

Nonetheless, the price of this pooch house makes the deal affordable and perfect for any pet parent to own.

5. 2PET Foldable Dog Soft Crate

2Pet is a brand which produces many pet products. Moreover, the products are mainly for the dogs and cats. That means you will find many things for your cat if you have one. The list of products is long i.e. dog crate beds, car covers, grooming accessories, food bowls, collar, harness, leash, and the most important dog crate. In fact, some of the products have a good reputation for the quality and affordable cost structure.

collapsible dog crate


  • Good fabric material, smooth and sturdy.
  • The crate bed makes a better deal.
  • optimum ventilation net.
  • Only suiable for toy size dog breeds.

In-Depth Review

Soft sided dog crate from 2Pet is a sturdy and strong product compared to most of its rivals on the list. You will like the products when your calm dog will be fine using it for years. Because it will last longer due to its strong structure and material.

Not to mention, that only a calm dog can stay inside a soft sided dog crate who does not have a habit of mouthing. In fact, a small puppy can also tear open the meshed net vents. Additionally, tearing open the kennel to break out of it will not only increases the risk for the pooch but also for you. Because while breaking the kennel dogs can easily hurt themselves.

Apart from that, this crate has a four-sided meshed net and a strong base. Also, there are two handles i.e. one on the top, and another on the side wall which makes the crate handling task very easy. Additionally, its metal skeleton is very easy to set up and fold down.

Thus, you can buy this soft sided dog crate for using it indoors, outdoors i.e. while traveling. Keep in mind, only a calm dog can stay inside the soft sided dog crate who does not have a mouthing habit.

6. Arf Pets Dog Soft Crate Kennel for Indoor Home & Outdoor

Arf Pets produces the cat and dog related products. And why not! US citizens own dog and cats more than any other country. Thus, a proper business model yet very competitive working field. Arf dominates many other pet brands with its products which are very useful. The maker produces pet beds, dog crates, car safety grill, furniture, toys, collars, leash, and finally, the feeders. With all these products you probably wouldn’t need to go elsewhere to buy any of the pet products.

dog travel crate


  • Strong design, and sturdy fabric material.
  • Easy opening zippers.
  • Material of the ventilation net is not reliable.
  • Strap on belts does not have a firm grip and made of cheap material.

In-Depth Review

The apparent soft sided dog crate has a similar appearance to that of the kennel you saw in the previous section. Moreover, all the soft sided dog crates have either a similar net material of the fabric material.

Thus, the only difference between the soft-sided kennels is its design. Likewise, the Arf Pet dog crate has a net on each wall of the pooch house. It is not really made of strong material and just like thin nylon net.

It will be very easy for a dog or even a pup to tear open the net. Many dogs do the same in order to get outside the kennel. In contrast to that, only a few them can succeed and the rest of those pooches either get stuck in the net or in the kennel frame.

Coming to the appearance and design of the soft pooch house, the open wall nets are not as good as the ones which we saw above having curtains. However, four nets provide better light exposure inside of the crate. But you have no control over that factor. You will have to use a crate cover which itself is a far-fetch consideration when we are talking about the soft sided dog crate.

7. Pet Gear 3 Door Portable Soft Crate

Pet Gear is a manufacturer who produces all the dog products. It is a dedicated pooch product manufacturer and seller. You can easily find any of the dog-related products which you plan of purchasing. There are many products other than the soft-sided dog crate. The products i.e. dog crates, strollers, ramps, stairs, and booster seats.

how to crate train a dog


  • Three door opening.
  • Suitable for car traveling.
  • Suitable for medium sized dogs.
  • Build quality is good but the stitich will ruin the experience.

In-Depth Review

The apparent soft sided dog crate looks amazing with its large two pockets around it. One of which is at the top and another at the side of the crate. You can use those bags to store important pooch products. For example, a foldable/hard bowl, collar, harness, leash, etc.

Apart from that, the soft sided dog crate deal includes not only the kennel but also the soft crate pad which is water resistant. That means you can easily wash the pad in case of accidents. And nothing will ruin the soft sided dog crate i.e. neither the smell nor the stains.

The base of the crate is sturdy and could last longer. However, that is not the same case with the meshed net vents. Because the net is made up of plastic material it has limited flexibility i.e. it is brittle. Even a small pup can tear open the crate by damaging the net.

Thus, the two side bags, sturdy floor, easy to set up, lightweight are all the pros of the product. On the other hand, the plastic net is a deal breaker.

8. Pets Fit Foldable Soft Sided Dog Crate

This is not the first Pets fit product that we have reviewed, you can find such products in our best metal dog crates review article. Because the brand is not only really good in making a soft sided dog crate but also good in making metal, wooden, and plastic dog crates. Apart from the kennels, Petsfit produces products i.e. cat house, cat tree, ramps, small pet carriers, exercise pens, etc.

kong dog crate


  • Good design.
  • Sturdy Construction.
  • Aesthetic appearance.
  • Not suitbale for dog suffering from separation anxiety.

In-Depth Review

This soft sided dog crate has a total of three scrolling nets which you can close by zipping it. Two will be on the side walls adjacent to one other and third one will be at the top of the crate. Rest of the sides i.e. two side walls and a floor are made of similar fabric and not a semi-hard material.

This makes the washing and folding of the soft sided crate very convenient. You can also fold the base of the kennel in order to accommodate it in a cozy place. It will not only make the crate very useful but also convenient to use.

Additionally, while you have scrolled the net to open the crate door which will make the crate appear like a den to a dog. There will a pair of two velcros at the top of the net which will hold the scrolled net.

The velcros are not as reliable as it should be, you will find them worn out in a couple of months.

The frame of the kennel has an adjustable lock which will allow you to tighten the frame firmly to hold the outer fabric in the correct place. In addition to that, its fabric is very sturdy compared to the other products on the list.

Additionally, the deal includes the soft washable crate pad along with the crate. It can save the crate from accidents. Also, make the washing and cleaning easy for you.

You can easily expect the stitches and zips of this soft sided dog crate to sustain a longer period.

9. Better World Pets Durable Den Soft Travel Dog Crate

Better World Pets is the brand name of the company which manufactures the Fido products. Their product list mainly includes the soft sided dog crate range and pooch beds. You can choose either one i.e. a crate out of these two items. Otherwise, you could select both the products in order to give your little champ a better place to dwell while you are gone.

dog crate training soft sided dog crate


  • The sturdiest soft sided dog crate on the list.
  • Easy to handle while traveling.
  • Airline approved.
  • Only suitbale for small sized dog breeds.
  • A bit expensive

In-Depth Review

This is a soft sided dog crate suitable for small sized dog breeds. Cost of the crate seems to be a bit expensive. However, looking at its quality everything seems to be worth the cost. You too will start loving the crate for its reliable and long-lasting quality.

Of course, its small size makes traveling with the bag very easy. Additionally, its tough quality makes the user experience very pleasant.

Coming to the construction and design, this soft sided dog crate is build using maximum fabric and minimum of the net. You can see the net in the product that allows only limited airflow and light exposure.

That is desirable for a small breed dog who suffers from separation anxiety. The crate is neither too small nor too big. Furthermore, its sturdy quality will hold a boisterous little pooch inside safely.

There are two opening zipper doors i.e. one at the side and another at the top of the soft sided dog crate. It is a well-thought provision that the makers have provided. You can either choose to open the top door or the side door in order to let the pooch look outside.

The best part of the deal which you will get is the waterproof dog crate bed. It is a great deal when you readily get the crate pad for such a small dog kennel. By the way, searching for the same becomes very difficult.

10. Dogit Deluxe Soft Crate with Bag for Pets

Dogit is a multidisciplinary manufacturer who produces not only pet product but also other household products, and gardening tools. The maker has different wings in making the variety of products. Hence, the soft-sided dog crate is one of the products which come from a busy warehouse and dominate the market.

best dog crate


  • Simple, sturdy design.
  • Multiple pockets for storing things.
  • Will not be long lasting.
  • Expensive.

In-Depth Review

Here is the last soft sided dog crate,  it is one of the best one for the traveling. It is more like luggage bad than a soft sided dog crate. You can easily take your pooch in this kennel for a car ride.

Apart from that, this bag has one downside i.e. its net. The quality of the net or the stitch is not up to mark. Some customers had a common issue with the brand regarding the net tearing apart.

However, if you have an understanding little champ who stays calm inside the kennel then the deal is pretty fine for you. Additionally, the side bottle holder, side pockets, and the small but essential vent holes are desirable.

On one hand where some people complained about the quality of the product. On the other hand, there are the users who state the experience contrasting with the previous one. Thus, it is up to individual users. Only we need to focus on the topic is that your little guy should not be boisterous to break open the crate.

How To Select A Soft-Sided Dog Crate

Once you are decided to go for the soft sided dog crate then it is very easy to understand the selection process. There are some factors you need to consider which will narrow down the best soft dog crate. Additionally, you can either choose from the other types of soft dog crates too.

Go through the factors by which you can easily understand about the best soft sided dog crate.

The temperament of the Dog

This the first thing you need to understand about your dog. Can you start easily with the questions i.e. mouthiness of the dog? & strength of the dog?

And if you discover that your little guy has any mouthiness at all or is strong enough to climb the stairs of your house then the soft sided dog crate is not for him. On the contrary, even for an inquisitive dog soft crate is not suitable. Even if the dog is calm, sometimes he will try to open the crate by himself.

Because here you will get simple fabric as the enclosure for the dog. Further, if a dog having the mouthing tendency can easily tear open the crate. If not by chewing then either by scratching the fabric walls or the tearing of the ventilation net.

Therefore, the soft sided dog crate is only suitable for the calm dogs. Additionally, he shall not have mouthiness.

Soft-Sided Dog Crate Size

Here comes the next important factor for selecting the soft sided dog crate i.e. its size. Your dog does not have to succumb inside the small crate. Neither the dog has to succumb in a small crate nor he should get anxious due to a large one.

In the case of choosing the soft sided dog crate, you can go for the foldable or expandable kennel. It will not only expand but also can contract and become suitable for traveling.

Moreover, people choose exercise pens to constraint the dog. It is one of the useful products considering the dog crate categories. Because handling a soft sided dog crate or an exercise pen is easier than the metal, plastic, or wooden dog crates.

Thus, you need to select a soft sided dog crate which is neither too small nor too large for the pooch. Additionally, if you are willing to get a bigger kennel for the dog then going for the exercise pen is advisable.

On the other hand, if you want to save the space yet have a large soft dog crate then the foldable/expandable on advisable.

Easy Cleaning of the Soft Sided Dog Crate

Made with fabric the soft dog crate has a bad rep for being difficult to clean and wash. The stink and stains of the accidents will settle inside permanently. Many times choosing for the dog crate pad is advisable.

Thus, going for the waterproof or the washable soft dog crate is advisable. Although you will see the features of the products reading as washable or waterproof yet it is not completely stained proof.

After the accident, some of the stains will settle on the fabric of the crate. To solve that problem, you can either choose to go for the dog crate pads or the potty training of the dog. You can find the dog crate pads in the section below and potty training method in How to Avoid Crate Soiling.

Look for the Dog Crate Pads

Having a soft fabric as the floor can definitely make a dog feel good. However, after an accident, it will not be as pleasant as it appears while it is brand new.

Moreover, pet parents choose to go for the dog crate beds in order to provide the dog with comfort and hygiene. On the contrary, it is not very essential for a soft sided dog crate. The crate pad itself will be a more than enough commodity for comfort.

Therefore, prefer buying a soft sided dog crate with a dog crate pad or buy it from elsewhere. The crate pad will not only save the crate from soiling but also save the dog maintaining the hygiene.

The EndNote

We hope now you are a step closer to buying the soft sided dog crate or maybe the stroller or an exercise pen. The final piece of advice from us – never buy a soft sided crate of an inquisitive or a boisterous pooch.

However, after going through the guide section above namely ‘How To Select A Soft Sided Dog Crate’, now you know it all.

Feel free to ask if you have queries via a comment, we will reach out to you with a solution.


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