The Best Cat GPS Trackers of 2023

Cats can leave you in mere surprise when you get to find out what & where they have been up to while you were not at home!

Many cat parents got to know the same after using the best cat GPS tracker.

It left them in a state of shock discovering the places their cats had visited.

In fact, some parent had to rescue their cats from those locations.

At a Glance – Best Cat GPS Trackers

Editors’ Pick:

  • Best for Most Cats
  • Long Battery Life, Durable & waterproof
  • Nationwide Location Tracking


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Is there a way to track your cat?

Cat parents have tagged their cats in order to know their location in case, their cats took off for a spin. Moreover, cats do get outdoors despite being indoor pets.

A cat is never an absolute indoor pet!

Continuing with the same, there is only one way to find the lost cat that is to use a cat GPS tracker. You can have your cat wear the GPS location so that you can have the location details of your cat.

To begin with the functioning of the GPS cat collar, it is similar to using the GPS location tracking function on your smartphone. The cat location tracker will display your location and with respect to that the location of your cat.

In this manner, the cat with a GPS collar can be monitored using a smartphone or a hand-held device. The tracking devices will have the two-piece controllers which include the tracker itself and the hand-held device.

Not to mention, some of the GPS for cats on our list will function after you pair it with a smartphone. On the other hand, there are GPS cat trackers which have their own hand-held device.

Types of Cat GPS Trackers

All the GPS for cats do not work in similar principles using GPS location services to locate a lost cat. Some of the trackers function on their own network which ultimately reduces the cost by eliminating the GPS chip for cats. Along with that, those cat collars with GPS will not even charge for any subscription once you buy their cat GPS tracker chip. Not to mention, the typical cat GPS chip requires a monthly subscription plan.

Therefore these are the two types of cat tracking device you will see on the market which provides thorough cat tracking services.

On the other hand, you will find the cat location tags which have the information engraved on the tag.

Now, using a tag will require a person to firstly track your cat and note the contact details or the scan the QR code printed on it.

Hence, it does not have much importance because cats do not allow people to get near if they are panicking.

The 5 Best Cat GPS Trackers and Collars of 2023

You can find the best GPS for cats reviews in this section. However, you need to focus on the features of the GPS cat trackers which you feel will suit you the most.

1. Whistle 3 Cat GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor

Starting with the best cat GPS tracker from Whistle review. This is not just a GPS tracker but also activity monitor. This locator literally saves the 24-hour data of a cat’s activity and the location where he’s been to. Hence, you can monitor real-time cat’s location using Whistle 3 as well as the saved logs.

Whistle 3 Cat GPS Tracker & Activity Monitor


Additionally, the working mechanism of this GPS cat collar is programmed to switch between two networks to save the battery. It means the GPS for cats will work on sim cards whenever the cat is not in the range of discoverable Wifi connection. On the other hand, it will work on wifi if your cat is in the range of wifi connectivity.

  • Unique Factor: Automatically switches between sim card and wifi networks
  • Battery Life/Cycle: 3-7 Days
  • Supported Network: Sim card, Wifi
  • Waterproof: No
  • Application Compatible With: iOS, Android

Furthermore, the tracker will function on the battery for 7 days as long as GPS cat collar works on the wifi network. In the same manner, the tracker will last for 3 days if the cat tracker collar functions on the sim card.

Whistle 3 switches automatically between wifi network and sim card network to optimize the battery usage.

Whistle 3 has a simple locking mechanism which requires installation of the universal attachment on the collar. Thereafter, you will have to place the tracker on the attachment and rotate to lock it in its position.

  • Determine safe up to 4 safe spots.
  • Easy to attach and detach the GPS cat collar.
  • Tracker automatically switches from sim card to wifi and vice versa to save the battery.
  • Whistle 3 has a long lasting battery.
  • Lightweight body design.
  • Whistle 3 is not a waterproof tracker.

2. Loc8tor Pet Handheld Cat Finder and Locator

Coming to the cat locator collar tag which works on an independent network, it means you will not have to pay anything extra. Having said that, this deal does not only include one tracker for your cat but two trackers. This is a great provision if you own multiple cats.

Loc8tor Pet Handheld Finder Locator Cat


In contrast to the benefits, this tracker will not function as accurate as of the GPS tracker. Neither this tracker is a GPS tracker itself. The Loca8tor works on its independent network which is similar to that of a radio network.

  • Unique Factor: Two trackers with splash covers saves them from water and dirt
  • Battery Life/Cycle: Couple of Days
  • Supported Network: Loca8tor Network
  • Waterproof: No
  • Application Compatible With: NA

Along with that, this deal includes the GPS cat collar cover which saves the tracker from water splashes. In the same manner, the splash cover will keep the tracker intact if your cat goes into the trash bins, shady/dirty places, etc.

Two tracking locators paired with the hand-held device is a great provision for people who own multiple cats.

In the end, this tracker has a great demerit that is it shows the direction and not the exact location. Nevertheless, this is not a true GPS locator and will not cost you.

  • This cat tracker collar comprises of two trackers and a hand-held device.
  • Use the splash cover to save the tracker from water and unwanted dirt.
  • The handheld device will show you the direction of your cat and not the exact location.

3. Findster Duo+ Tracker for Cats

The Findster Duo is a short-range cat tracking which is useful for a limited range. In addition to that, Duo, as the name suggests, is a two-piece cat finder. It means you will have to carry one piece to find the other which you have tied on your cat.

Findster Duo+ Tracker for Cats


Having said that, one of the tracking pieces will remain on your cat and another will act as the reference while you carry it. Thereafter, you will have to pair a smartphone to proceed with tracking. Hence, Findster app will help you to locate your cat on maps while you carry the tracker(guardian piece) along.

  • Unique Factor: Share location to the authorized members, Activity log
  • Battery Life/Cycle: 3 Days
  • Supported Network: Findster Network
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Application Compatible With: Android, iOS

On the contrary, the direction and location data will not be accurate as GPS real-time tracking. Because Findster uses its independent network and smartphone location services when paired.

Findster Duo is a responsive and accurate tracking device for cats for short range.

This tracker efficiently covers a range of 3 miles of the terrains are flats. Otherwise, the tracker will cover a range of 0.5 miles in the area of uneven terrain. The signals get weaker if your cat is around a tunnel, dense woods, etc.

  • Useful for short-range cat tracking.
  • Waterproof body and shockproof body makes this cat GPS tracker desirable.
  • Two-piece GPS cat collar device displays accurate location details.
  • No need to pay for a monthly subscription.
  • Not useful for wide range cat tracking tasks.

4. Cat Tailer Bluetooth Waterproof GPS Tracker for Cats

Here, we have a lightweight and versatile GPS for cats which looks similar to a cat tag. In fact, this cat tag has the best cat GPS tracker for its lightweight body and conveniece of using. Having said that, the Cat Tailer is useful as short range tracker and it is neither wide range cat tracker chip nor a cat tracking online service.

Cat Tailer Bluetooth Waterproof GPS Tracker for Cats


Nevertheless, Cat Tailer uses the proximity cat locators which remains traceable for a short distance only. In that manner, you can easily track your cat from if he is near you – say backyard or neighborhood.

  • Unique Factor: Long lasting battery, efficient cat tracking mechanism needs no subscription plans
  • Battery Life/Cycle: 6 Months
  • Supported Network: Bluetooth
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Application Compatible With: iOS, Android

Additionally, the Cat Tailer is the GPS tag for cats which sends a notification if your cat moves away from you. In fact, you can opt to avoid receiving the notifications if you want to allow your cat to roam in the neighborhood.

A useful short-range cat tracker which even pushes notification if your cat moves away for you.

In the end, you can easily optimize the battery life by switching on and off the device by a single click. However, the battery of Cat Tailer will last for about 6 months even if you choose to keep the tracker on always.

  • Accurate short range cat finder with a lightweight proximity locator.
  • The antenna of the tracker works perfectly fine for any kind of area you live in.
  • Cat Tailer is not useful if your cat has escaped to a far distance.
  • The tracker will not withstand once your cat has entered water or in a damp place.

5. Eureka Marcopolo Advanced Cat GPS Tracking System

Coming to the last, this cat GPS chip again works on its independent network. However, this tracker covers the widest range compared to the other trackers on our review. Because it has a powerful antenna and tracker which works even in the uneven terrains like the cat GPS chip implant.

Eureka Marcopolo Advanced Cat Tracking Tag


Additionally, the deal includes the cover for the tracker which will save the tracker from water, dirt, dust, waste, etc. This is useful if your cat like roaming and entering everywhere including the dump bins.

  • Unique Factor: Efficient for 2-mile area range
  • Battery Life/Cycle: 6 Weeks
  • Supported Network: Eureka Network
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Application Compatible With: Dedicated Handheld Device

Most importantly, this cat tracker collar will work even if your cats like entering the pools, puddles, and ponds. Not to mention, the tracker will not function while the cat is in the water because the signals cannot penetrate the water bodies. Nevertheless, as soon as your cat gets out of the water then you can easily connect back to your cat.

Pair a handheld device with multiple trackers to monitor multiple cats simultaneously.

Lastly, you can even get the add-on tracker to use this handheld device for tracking two cats simultaneously. Additionally, there is no need to pay for any subscription plan or extra charge once you buy the tracker.

  • Waterproof body with a rugged body is beneficial for athletic cats.
  • Pair the handheld device with two trackers simultaneously.
  • It works on a powerful antenna which functions for a wide range.
  • Long lasting battery us a plus.
  • Does not display accurate location of the cat in case if you are searching narrow streets.
  • Marcopolo is a bit expensive cat GPS chip.

Buyer’s Guide

Selecting the best cat GPS tracker can be difficult if you are at it for the very first time. Not anymore, after you go through this buyers’ guide. We have mentioned the features that make a cat GPS tracker ideal.

How to Choose the Best Cat Tracker?

You can easily verify the cat finder to have these features according to your requirements.


Starting with the feature which directly indicates if the cat GPS tracker chip is the best cat GPS tracker. Wider the range of the cat finder better the possibilities of finding the cat. Moreover, this feature does not hold much importance if your cat never gets away from a couple of blocks.

Whereas, having a wider range is useful when your cat like getting far from home. In case, if you are not sure how far your cat can get then getting the wider range is advisable.


All the cat trackers either work on the GPS services via sim card or wifi. It will require you to pay for the subscription plans if you use either sim card or wifi connection.

On the other hand, some cat GPS cat collar work on their independent network similar to radio signals. It will not require you to pay anything after you once buy the GPS cat collar from Amazon. On the contrary, this network will remain functional for a shorter range. Along with that, the maps of this trackers will not be as accurate as of the GPS trackers.

Nevertheless, the trackers which work on their own network will have an economical price. Whereas, the GPS trackers will show accurate results with a bigger price tag.

Battery Life

Coming to the battery of the trackers, long lasting batter set is a huge plus for the best cat GPS tracker. Because you wouldn’t want the battery of the tracker to die when your cat is lost and you are looking for him.

Additionally, longer the battery life means minimum the need for charging. It is an important factor to consider when you want the best cat tracker.

Compatible Device

Lastly, you need to consider the device compatible with the cat tracking collar. In this manner, you can handle the tracker using your smartphone, laptop(website), etc.

Similarly, some GPS cat collars have their dedicated hand-held device. In that case, you do not need to worry about the devices’ compatibility. Because it will have easy to connect and use interface and no possibility of a lag.


If you do not quite understand the use of the cat finder of the any of the GPS for cats in specific then go through the questions we have answered. Also, you can comment on your queries if this section does not contain the answer you seek.

Difference Between Cat Tracker and Gps Tracker Collar for Cats?

A cat finder and the GPS tracker are the same things working on different networks to find the lost. Having said that, a cat GPS tracker will function on its network independent of the GPS services and internet needs.

On the other hand, the GPS cat collar uses the GPS location services from either Google or manages to form the 3rd party location services. To cut a long story short, the best cat GPS tracker will feature the legit map and accurate location tracking.

Are Cat and Dog Trackers Different?

Moreover, the tracker for both these animals work the same but feature a different size of the collar. Other than that, there is no difference between dog tracker and cat GPS tracker.

Do Signals Get Weaker or Trackers Show Inaccurate Location?

Trackers showing inaccurate location is the result of having weaker signals. These signals are the basic bridge which connects the tracker and you on the other end.

Adding to the fact, there are a few reasons which cause the signals to dilute. These factors are tunnels, subways, woods, dense tree covers, rains, etc.

Apart from that, the tracker will function accurately as long as the cat remains in the range of the tracker.


In the end, the cat finder you have seen is the best cat GPS trackers on the market which are effective for finding the lost ones. Along with that, you went through the buyers’ guide which helps you to select the best tracker for your cat without wasting much time getting confused.

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