The 25 Cool DIY Dog Halloween Costumes (Easy Homemade)

Forgot to purchase Halloween costume for your pet? With these easy to make DIY Dog Halloween Costume Ideas, you can make one for your pet easily within minutes. Go through the article to find the complete list.

Halloween evening is special for everyone, even our pets. That is why, especially for your canines, we have prepared a list of some great ideas to prepare costumes easily at home. You can make these clothes with minimum cost and least hard work. Also, these clothes would look amazingly beautiful on your dogs, that everyone would fancy watching.

Easy Last-Minute DIY Dog Halloween Costume Ideas

Making a dress for your pup is not just a creative alternative, but also fun to put on your dog. Be it a Superhero, an Emperor or a Wild Beast, you can turn your dog into anything you fantasize about. There are many types of attires available for dogs, but if you want to make something on your own, then go through these ideas.

#1. Pumpkin Costume

When you will dress your pup in a Pumpkin outfit he will be the happiest canine running around the city. This costume is quick and easy to wear and looks very charming because of the bright orange color.

Everybody would love to welcome the most delightful jack-o-lantern in the city, giving them a visit. Watch this DIY technique to make your own Pumpkin Outfit for your pup.

#2. DIY Butterfly Wings

DIY Butterfly Wings

Do you want your dog to look like a charming fairy or a lovely colorful butterfly? Follow a simple and short DIY method to make a Butterfly Wings Costume for your lovable doggy.

You can use different color combinations to enhance the look. You may even choose to paint the wings like a butterfly wing to make it look more realistic.

#3. Bride Dress

Bride Dress for Dogs

Wanna see how your dog would look on her Big Day. She would absolutely look like a princess of course, in the beautiful white wedding gown. A look you will adore and capture in your mind forever. Prepare a wedding dress for your pup this Halloweens and let her reveal her beautiful side.

#4. DIY Mummy DogMummy DIY Halloween Costumes

Halloween Fest means scary looks. Your dog does not need to look cute always. You can choose to give him a dreadful appearance too. Try to give your dog an Egyptian mummy look with this cool DIY technique.

  • Wrap your dog from head to toe in bandages.
  • Make sure the bandages are not too tight to suffocate him.
  • Leave spaces for eyes and nose for ease to see and breathe.
  • Leave areas around knees for ease to fold legs

It’s just that easy and fast.

#5. Flower Face Costume

Flower Face Costume

With some basic cutting and sewing, you can make a flower costume for your furry mate. All you will require is a Felt material, Scissors, Elastic, and Needle & Thread.

Step 1: Measure your dog’s chin-to-head circumference to cut the elastic size in a way that it is neither too tight nor too loose. In short, it should be comfortable for your dog to wear.

Step 2: Cut the petals about 6 inches long and 2 inches wide. You can choose any floral color to prepare the flower. The number of petals depends on the head to chin circumference.

Step 3: Sew the petals onto the Elastic in a flower pattern. And the flower is ready to put on your dog.

#6. The Glove Crown

Want to make a simple yet funnier last-minute DIY costume for your dog? Get a medical glove to crown it on the dog’s head. The medical gloves are made of latex and are stretchable. They will inflate like a balloon when you pump in the air. Inflate it and quickly put it on the dog’s head, and tada! You got the glove crown ready.

#7. DIY Hot Dog Wear

DIY Hot Dog Halloween costume for dogs

If you are a food lover you will prefer to make this costume for your pup. Because the costume will attach a hot dog to your pup’s back making him look like a delicious food item. Let’s see how to make it.

  • Start with making the bun. Measure the dog’s length from shoulders to hips and cut two pieces of foam in the shape of hot-dog bun.
  • Cut red felt and yellow felt into wavy shapes to make them appear like ketchup and mustard.
  • Take a t-shirt that fits nicely onto your dog. Stick the red and yellow felt on the back of the t-shirt.
  • Once it dries, put on the t-shirt onto the dog.
  • Now attach the foam buns on both sides of the t-shirt with safety pins. You have your hot dog pup ready to take to the party.

#8. Peppy Pup Look

Dog in Wig

This is an easy, cute, cuddly, beautiful, and gorgeous look for your dear dog. You will need:

  • A woman’s wig, any color would do.
  • A baby t-shirt that would fit well onto your dog. Red would look the best.
  • Nail paints
  • Red Ribbon

Put the t-shirt on your dog. Make him wear the wig and secure it with a strap or ribbon. You can make a bow with the ribbon on her head. Now paint your dog’s nails with the nail paint and admire her stylish and sweet looks.

#9. DIY Bat Wings

DIY Bat Wings

Bats are creepy but yours gonna be simply cutest with this DIY Bat Wings Costume for your darling dog. Design it easily with just a black felt material.

Step 1: Cut two felt pieces in the shape of the bat’s wing. Stick them together to make one side’s wing. Attaching two pieces of felt together will make it a little thicker, hence it won’t bend down.

Step 2: Repeat the process for another side of the wing.

Step 3: Sew the wings on a wide strap in a way, that the wings stay on the dog’s back, while the strap can be fastened on his belly.

Your Bat Dog is now set to go on patrolling to protect the civilians at the Halloween’s Festival.

#10. Superman Costume

Superman Costume for Dogs

Paint a Superman logo, using Acrylic colors, on a chest-piece made with felt. Attach four straps to tie it over the neck and the chest of the pup. Make a cape with red satin fabric. Just cut it long enough to match the dog’s length. Tie it around the dog’s neck and your little Superman is set to fly.

#11. The Giant Spider

Spiders like Tarantula are creepy and giant eight-legged insects. What if your dog turns into one? He might scare away all other pets around for sure. To grab the look make a huge DIY crawly spider costume for your dog. Let him crawl around in the house, streets and the Hollow Party.

#12. Lion Mane

Lion Mane for Dog

Make the fiercest costume of the season and let your dog be the King of the animals. Design a Lion Mane at home and put it on your pup’s head. It’s your choice whether to give your dog a Disney character look like ‘Scar’ or ‘Mufasa’.

#13. No-sew Lion Mane

If you need a variation in the pattern of the lion mane you can try this No-sew Lion Mane DIY technique. This design can be made from felt fabric which gives a unique look when compared to other lion manes.

#14. Zebra DIY Jumpsuit

Zebra Halloween costume for dogs

This one is an easy cool idea to turn your dog into a zebra. Take a white full sleeves baby jumpsuit that could fit your dog properly. Paint it with black acrylic color in the pattern of a zebra. Now dress up the jumpsuit on your dog to make him look like a baby zebra.

#15. Tiger DIY Jumpsuit.

The way you made a Zebra costume, similarly, you can make the Tiger costume as well.

  • Choose a mustard color baby jumpsuit with a hood that fits the dog well.
  • Now paint upon it, Tiger strips with the dark brown fabric color.
  • Stitch tiger-like ears made of mustard color velvet fabric on the hood.
  • Make a long tail with mustard color velvet. Stuff it with cotton and paint stripes over it. Attach it to the hip part of the jumpsuit.
  • Put on the jumpsuit on your dog and set him free to find prey.

#16. Coca Cola

Coca Cola Costume

If you have a small black puppy, you can convert him into a coca-cola bottle. You just need the Coca-cola bottle wrapper and its red cap.

  • Put the wrapper around the dog’s waist and secure it with an adhesive tape. The coca-cola logo should appear on the back of the pup. Be careful that the adhesive tape does not stick to the dog’s fur.
  • Now take an elastic strap by measuring your pup’s head-to-chin circumference.
  • Stick the coke’s cap in the mid of the strap.
  • Now tie it on the puppy’s head in a way that the cap remains in the mid of the head.

Watch him from back now, he will mimic a coke’s bottle look.

#17. Harry Potter Dress

Harry Porter Costume for Dogs

To create this look you will need a Harry Potter scarf, a Harry Potter tie, A black satin cloth, and a Harry Potter spectacle frame.

  • Put a regular tie, like that of Harry Potter, on the Dog’s neck.
  • Cut a Satin cloth equal to the length of your dog’s measurement from neck to tail.
  • Sew a strap with it to make a cape that can be wrapped on the dog’s neck. Make sure it is tight, else it can suffocate the dog.
  • You can even choose to use a black coat instead of satin cloth.
  • Enhance the look by making your dog wear Harry-Potter-style spectacles.

#18. Vacation Wear

Denim Jacket Costume

How do you dress up when you are out on a vacation on a beautiful beach? That’s the kind of look you can give to your dog.

  • Put a baby denim jacket (sleeveless) on your dog.
  • Add a cool cap that fits well on his head. Secure it with a strap that fastens under the chin.
  • You may finish the look by putting sunglasses on his eyes.

#19. Princess Skirt

Dog Skirt Costumes

This costume will require a little more stitching. But the hard work is worthy of the beautiful results that you will get.

  • Take a pink net fabric to make the skirt. Measure your dog’s waist and make a pleated skirt to fit his size.
  • Cut an elastic of the size of your dog’s waist. Sew the pleated skirt on the elastic strap and put it on the dog’s waist.
  • Make a necklace of pearls that can easily be wrapped around the pup’s neck. Let it be a little loose.
  • Make a bow with a pink ribbon. Sew it to a strap that can be tied from head to chin. Place the bow on the dog’s head and tie the strap under the chin to secure it.

#20. Mexican Serape

Mexican Serape Costume for Dogs

If you have a serape you can cut and make a serape costume for your dog out of it.

  • Cut the front piece about 7 inches long and 5 inches wide.
  • Attach a strap to tie it around the neck.
  • Similarly cut the back piece as long as your dog’s size from neck to tail. Keep it 7-8 inches wide.
  • Attach a strap to fasten it around the neck.
  • Place a Mexican hat on the dog’s head, to complete the look

#21. Rapper Dog Costume

Dress up your canine the way a Rapper does. Put a Hoody T-shirt on his body, one or more Chains in the neck, Sunglasses on to the eyes, and a Cap over his head. That’s all you need to make him look exactly like a cool Rapper.

Bumble Bee Costume for Dogs#22. DIY Bumblebee Dress

If you have a Black and Yellow striped t-shirt then it’s best to use. If you don’t have one then pick a yellow t-shirt that can fit well on your dog. You can even alter a big t-shirt to fit the dog properly. Next, cut two wings from a stiff cancan net. Sew them on the backside of the t-shirt and this simple Bumblebee dress is ready to wear.

#23. Skeleton Costume

Skeleton costume for dogs

If you love spooky Halloween costumes then you can offer your dog a ghostly skeleton dress.

  • Take a black tee of your dog’s size.
  • Paint the shapes of bones with white acrylic color on both sides of the t-shirt.
  • Once the paint dries, put the tee on the dog and watch your little spooky dog scaring everyone around in the dark.

#24. Turtle Shell

If you have an oval pillow or cushion at home, you can use it to make a Turtle shell.

  • Paint the design of the turtle shell on a pillow cover with acrylic colors.
  • Measure the dog’s chest and waist, and get two straps that fit well.
  • Sew the straps on the other side of the pillow cover, one for the chest and another for the waist.
  • Now place the cushion inside the cover and fasten the shell on the dog’s back.
  • A quick turtle shell costume for your canine friend is ready.

Ghosly Halloween Costume for Dog#25. Ghostly Dog

Take a white cloth. Alter it according to the height of your dog from head to paws. Make holes for Eyes and Mouth. Put it over the dog and adjust the eyes and mouth holes for the ease to see and breath.

Enjoy the Halloweens With Your Furry Friends

Try out these simple and easy to make DIY costume ideas and enjoy the Halloweens with your pet mates. You can add accessories and other designs also to beautify your puppy. Be it a spooky ghost costume or a mesmerizing fairy look, your pup’s gonna be an eye-catcher for the Eve.

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