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Dreaming of a quiet holiday in Spain? An incredibly beautiful town in Spain’s northwestern Asturias region could be just the destination.

The travel expert team at Home2Go have scoured Europe to find some of the continent’s best hidden gems.

Spain might be one of the UK’s top holiday destinations but many British tourists head straight to its popular beach areas such as the Costa Blanca and the Costa del Sol.

However, they’re missing out on one of the country’s prettiest destinations. Ribadesella, in Spain’s northwest region, is favoured by Spanish tourists but mostly unknown among foreigners.

A Home2Go spokesperson said: “Ribadesella ranks as the 14th most popular destination in Spain amongst Spanish holidaymakers, but it lands in 705th position with Brits visiting the country.

“Situated in the northwestern region of Asturias, this vibrant town is known for its stunning beaches, striking architecture, and the prehistoric art of the Tito Bustillo cave.”

The historic town is close to breathtaking beaches, which are far quieter than Spain’s southern coastline.

The Tito Bustillo cave is a World Heritage site and one of the globe’s best preserved examples of Palaeolithic cave art.

Don’t miss the Acantilados del Infierno, dramatic limestone cliffs which can be seen on a hike in the area.

Asturias could also be a good alternative to Spain’s sweltering southern regions in summer. The northwestern region enjoys a much more mild climate.

However, tourists will need to know that they’re heading to a rural area. In 2021, the town went viral after it launched a campaign warning tourists they shouldn’t visit if they can’t handle rural noise.

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