Self Storage or Door to Door Storage: Options for People with Limited Space

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It’s not wrong if you choose to stay in the city or CBD area where it is easy to commute and convenient to travel, but it comes with expensive living space. This is the drive of the need in self storage industry where there is density of population in Bangkok city area. People are likely to have storage space outside their home. However, with the change of customer’s behavior, customer may seek the way to keep their belonging which suits their lifestyle. This cause the self storage industry to adjust accordingly. One of which is to add another service as an alternative ways to the customers. Here is the difference between self storage and door to door storage.

Self storage service provider provides storage unit size that is suitable for customer’s need. Customer can store their items themselves at the storage facility. This includes moving and travelling themselves. The facility is 24 hours accessible. It is clean, safe, and convenient, with other add-on service that helps customer easily access to their belongings. The storage unit is private, and it comes with various sizes. In Bangkok, main self storage providers offer self storage service in many locations. However, only a few locates in Bangkok CBD area. Currently, i-Store Self Storage is located in Silom, Sukhumvit 24, Sukhumvit 71, and Sathorn One. And we are expanding 3 branches: Hua Lamphong (opens in November 2023), Onnut, and Udomsuk (open in 2024). For more information, take a look at or contact i-Store staff to find out more about their services.

Another option that we offer to increase customers comfort is our door-to-door storage, which is suitable for customers who do not need to travel. We have our staff pick up at the customer’s address. This depends on storage provider whether customers are allowed to access the facility. This is called i-StoreGo Door to Door Storage where customer can manage their storage online via . Customer can choose what items they would like to store, such as boxes, small items, or large items. i-StoreGo will be responsible for packing and moving. During the contract, customers can retrieve their items anytime through personal account and they do not need to travel to the facility.

Before choosing between these options, i-Store staff are able to provide consultation for customers and suggest the suitable storage that match their preference or lifestyle the most. We aim to increase the living area and maximize the space for urban life.

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