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Christmas is just one week away and plenty of Britons will be packing up to jet off on flights to visit loved ones or go on a festive break. Ryanair is warning travellers to check their luggage, and maybe even check it twice, to make sure they don’t have any items that may be confiscated at security.

The Irish airline has even warned that some popular, and seemingly harmless, Christmas items could actually pose “a risk to the health of passengers and crew and the security/safety of the aircraft property”.

Airlines and airports operate strict hand and hold luggage rules, which determine what passengers can and can not carry in both their cabin bags and checked baggage. And it’s no different at Christmas time – though there are a few extra seasonal items you may want to leave at home. That’s on top of the airline’s own baggage requirements – you can find out more about Ryanair’s airline-specific rules here

Ryanair has described party poppers and Christmas crackers as “absolute no-nos” when it comes to flying.

On the Ryanair website, the airline explained: “Wait until you get to your destination to buy party poppers, sparklers, fireworks or Christmas crackers.

“These are considered explosive or flammable substances – and can’t be carried on board as they contain explosive or highly combustible substances which pose a risk to the health of passengers and crew and the security or safety of the aircraft property.”

Though you may think a party popper or Christmas cracker is relatively harmless, they actually come under the same category as fireworks and sparklers (which you also can not take onboard). Both party poppers and Christmas crackers actually contain a tiny amount of gunpowder, which helps the paper tab make the banging or popping sound when the cracker is pulled.

But, Ryanair also reminds passengers that Christmas is about giving and receiving, which means you should also preempt enough space to carry any gifts you may receive on the way home.

“Pack a collapsible or foldable shopping bag in your suitcase for stowing all those gifts you’ll take home on your return journey,” suggested the airline.

If you are looking for a bag that meets Ryanair’s hand luggage requirements, and will also fold up easily into another bag during transit, then the Narwey foldable travel bag from Amazon is a great option. Plus, it’s currently on sale for £9.99.

If you are jetting off with Ryanair soon, you must ensure you have the correct luggage sized to match your ticket. All passenger fares include a small personal bag, measuring 40 x 20 x 25cm, which must fit under the seat in front of you

Passengers who wish to take a second, larger piece of luggage must purchase a Priority fare.

  • Priority fares allow customers to take a small personal bag (40 x 20 x 25cm) and a 10kg bag (55 x 40 x 20cm) with them onboard
  • Priority fare passengers also board the plane first via the Priority Queue

Priority plus two extra bags costs between £6 and £30 when done online, compared to at the check-in desk where it can cost anywhere from £6 to £35.99. But you can dodge excess fees by purchasing the right luggage.

Though hard shell luggage can be durable and strong, soft shell luggage is generally lighter and can even be more forgiving when squishing in an extra couple of items.

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