Ranveer Singh Partners With Leading Men’s Health Brand for One of the Juiciest Ad Campaigns | EXCLUSIVE

The move aims to destigmatize conversations about sexual health and wellness in society.

Bollywood sensation Ranveer Singh is set to break new ground in India’s men’s health and wellness sector as he joins forces with Bold Care.

Recently, what’s making rounds, is the announcement of Ranveer Singh, who is collaborating with Bold Care, a significant player in India’s men’s health and wellness domain.

Insiders reveal that the brand office is abuzz with plans for an engaging and innovative ad campaign featuring Ranveer Singh. Given his vibrant personality, there’s potential to create something lively, quirky, yet informative, and that’s exactly what’s in the works!

Ranveer Singh has always been admired for his versatility and both on-screen and off-screen charm. He is not only showcasing his charismatic personality but is also the sole mainstream male actor to endorse a men’s sexual wellness brand in India.

Ranveer is making history as the first mainstream Indian actor to join forces with Bold Care, not just as an endorser but also as a co-owner.

His association with Bold Care is a valuable asset for the brand, igniting enthusiasm within the team, leading to the planning of an inventive ad campaign featuring the Bollywood superstar! With Ranveer on board for this campaign, it will truly be intriguing to witness the approach and how it resonates with the audience.

Ranveer’s flamboyant personality provides the brand with the freedom to explore different avenues. His ability to seamlessly carry diverse themes, whether quirky or interesting, positions him as the ideal face for the brand. Additionally, a category like sexual health and wellness demands a fresh approach, which definitely makes Ranveer the perfect choice to represent it!

A decade ago, Ranveer Singh made history as the first mainstream Indian actor to endorse Durex, a condom brand, earning praise and applause for that ad campaign as well.

Co-owner Ranveer Singh shared, “I am pleased to come on board as the face and co-owner of Bold Care. Together we are committed towards normalising conversations about sexual health and wellness, a topic that traditionally comes with stigma and taboo. People, especially men are misinformed and shy to seek help. With this, we are doing our bit to help to bring about a positive change in society.”

He further adds, “I have always felt that this category needs more of openness and acceptance in our society. That thought led to me endorsing a condom brand at a relatively early stage of my career. This time around it’s a greater investment that one is making. We are probably one of the most sexually active societies in the world. This needs to be done”.

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