Planning to take a loan? Here’s why you should get the Credit Pass first

Taking on debt to finance major purchases or expenses is an increasingly common practice. However, before committing to a loan, it is wise to first understand and establish your credit health. An important tool that empowers borrowers is the Bajaj Finserv Credit Pass.

Understanding the Credit Pass
Powered by CIBIL, this Bajaj Finserv offering is a first-of-its-kind Credit Pass subscription service that provides a way for individuals to build a positive credit history and solid credit score. After a simple, 3-step sign-up process that takes barely a couple of minutes, you’ll be equipped to take on and manage debt prudently over time with the aid of a suite of powerful tools and resources at your disposal.

Credit Pass features
Let’s explore the key features of the Credit Pass that help open up and simplify the entire credit landscape for users:
Monthly credit check-Ins: Access your CIBIL Score updates every 30 days to monitor progression. Watching patterns over time prevents surprises and helps you prioritise your credit health. Moreover, checking your score regularly has zero negative impact on your score.
Consolidated credit view: All loans, credit cards, and accounts are aggregated in one dynamic dashboard. No more logging into multiple portals to check obligations and balances. Instead, you will have real-time access to credit health insights and can use the handy tips to improve your score.
Simulators and calculators: Built-in tools like the Credit Score Simulator and EMI Calculator provide projections and planning power. Simulate potential impacts of decisions before commitments are made.
Activity tracking and insights: Ongoing credit utilisation, repayment frequency, enquiries, and other influential actions are logged and analysed. Provides visibility into what’s helping, hurting, or holding neutral. Tweaking your credit behaviours based on this insight can help you optimise your score.

Complimentary first-year access: Registration is simple, fast, and online. Experience the full capabilities of Credit Pass for the first 12 months without payment when you sign up during the limited offer period. A wallet-friendly annual subscription of Rs. 99 renews access after the inaugural year.

Credit Pass benefits
For anyone considering acquiring debt to achieve financial goals, procuring and responsibly using the Credit Pass is a recommended starting point. This simple preparatory step can save thousands over the lifetime of loans by opening up access to preferred interest rates from lenders. Let’s take a closer look at some of the core benefits this service provides loan-seekers:
Knowledge building: The Pass delivers insights and awareness about the factors influencing your credit health – shedding light on this impactful but often confusing topic. You gain literacy to inform wise borrowing.
Proactive planning: With access to simulation tools and dedicated tracking, you can model scenarios, see trends, and make moves to boost your creditworthiness over time. It enables strategic preparation as opposed to reactive responses.
Potential interest savings: Higher scores can lead lenders to extend more favourable rates, translating to thousands of rupees saved over a loan’s lifespan. Monitoring with the Credit Pass maximises your savings odds.
Confidence boosting: There’s nothing more frustrating than being left in the dark while seeking a major financial commitment. Having visibility and control over your credit health reduces uncertainty and stress during application processes.
Ongoing advising: Between educational resources, calculators, and consolidated data views, the Credit Pass provides personalised financial guidance you can rely on over the long run – not just when loans come up. It becomes a trusted advisor along your financial journey.

Credit Pass registration
Here’s how you can get the Bajaj Finserv Credit Pass:
Visit the dedicated Credit Pass page on the official Bajaj Finserv website and click on the ‘UNLOCK NOW’ button featured prominently on the top of the page
Share your mobile phone number and then verify it using the OTP sent to the shared number to complete the authentication process
Provide some basic details about yourself, including your name and PAN card information, before you hit the ‘Submit’ button to conclude the registration process
Upon successful registration, you will receive a unique 12-digit Credit Pass number. Use your mobile number to CIBIL Login in and view your personalised credit dashboard. Also, check your CIBIL Score every month and track your credit health report in real-time.

Obtaining debt to finance major life goals often makes pragmatic sense. However, the terms and availability of loans can vary widely based on credit health. The Credit Pass delivers a powerful suite of educational resources, tracking capabilities, and proactive advising that loan-seekers would be prudent not to overlook.

By providing broad visibility into the dynamics influencing lending decisions, the Pass transforms one’s financial fitness from an unknown vulnerability into an optimised asset. It supplies insights both to boost creditworthiness over the long term and to secure optimal interest rates in the short term. For individuals charting financial growth strategies intertwined with borrowing, the Credit Pass represents an invaluable compass for navigating both current and future credit decisions. Utilising this tool leads to quantifiable savings and invaluable peace of mind when committing to loans or lines of credit.

In an increasingly credit-driven world, maintaining robust credit health confers too many advantages to be left to chance. By giving consumers an empowering lens into this lynchpin area of personal finance, the Credit Pass becomes essential prudence.pan

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