One Piece’s latest season will stream on Netflix, along with it’s all-timer of an opening

Netflix is truly going all in on One Piece, as the show’s upcoming season Egghead Arc is set to air on the streaming service next week.

Over the weekend, the official Netflix Anime account announced that the next season of the long-running anime would be streaming starting January 13, just a few days away. Don’t be mistaken, it’s not suddenly a Netflix original, if you still have a Crunchyroll subscription you’ll still be able to watch the new season there, but it does give you an alternative way to watch the show at the very least. Technically the new season has already started, with the first episode having aired on January 7, the next releasing January 14, so Netflix is a bit behind, making Crunchyroll still the best place to watch it.

However which way you watch it, if you haven’t already there’s one thing you can absolutely look forward to, and that’s the show’s new opening. I don’t personally watch One Piece (please don’t try and convince me, 1000 episodes is just so much), but I have to acknowledge how visually stunning the opening for Egghead Arc is. I can’t tell if it’s a mix of 3D and 2D animation, but in some of the shots characters have these thick black outlines that really reminds me of Jet Set Radio’s art style, which just helps the designs pop so much.

Honestly, a majority of the time what I’ve seen from One Piece’s anime style doesn’t do it for me, but if it looked like this? I’d be a lot easier to convince me to watch 1000 episodes. Though really, the easier thing to do is probably wait for Netflix’s own anime adaptation of the beloved series, as last year the streaming service announced it would be working with WIT Studio (Spy Family) to produce a brand new One Piece series, starting right from the very beginning. On top of the massively successful live-action series, Netflix clearly understands One Piece is a way to bring in the viewers.

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