Nissan’s CPO Program Gives Used Cubes A New Life With A Makeover

A trial CPO program that also modifies old cars to keep them fresh is launching at Nara Nissan in Japan

January 20, 2024 at 16:31

 Nissan’s CPO Program Gives Used Cubes A New Life With A Makeover

Certified pre-owned vehicles are an excellent way to save money while ensuring reliability. However, even the most mechanically sound vehicles may exhibit some visual wear and tear. While some may view this as a problem, Nissan sees it as an opportunity.

The automaker has partnered with its sales company, Nara Nissan Motor Co., to launch a new CPO product in Japan. The Cube Retro Renovation program enables customers to purchase a certified pre-owned Nissan Cube that has undergone customization, replacing worn parts with new ones to achieve a refreshed and more personalized appearance.

A smash hit in Japan, the Nissan Cube was a tall and boxy sub-compact produced from 1998 to 2019. It was introduced to North American markets in its third and final iteration in 2009 but was discontinued in 2014 due to weak sales.

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The newly announced Cube Retro Renovation program is based on a concept that was first proposed at the Tokyo Auto Salon. It received such strong consumer feedback, that the automaker felt empowered to give it a shot. However, it remains unsure how actual buyers will respond, so it’s limiting it to a trial run of just 20 examples, which it plans to start selling on January 22.

One of the primary concerns is the cost of the program. On its sales page, Nissan gives a breakdown of what a potential Cube Retro Renovation package might cost, and it adds significantly to the price of the vehicle.

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For instance, it estimates that on a project like the one you see in the video below, the vehicle would cost 700,000 yen (US$4,725 at current exchange rates) and the refresh and customization packages might amount to 846,293 yen (around US$5,700 ), more than doubling the price of the vehicle. In combination with other fees, the total would come out to nearly 1.7 million yen (US$11,475). However, there are slightly less impressive tuning packages that cost a lot less.

For that money, customers get a vehicle with a custom exterior and interior that give it a whole new personality. Nissan adds that it can work with customers to choose the right modifications that will make the vehicle feel fresh, while staying within their budget.

A service like this certainly wouldn’t be for everyone, but it’s a fascinating way to make used cars a little more appealing and to keep them fresh a little longer.

What do you think? Tell us if you’d ever be tempted by a CPO vehicle that has been modified by your dealer in the comments below.

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