Mixmax Adds SMS Functionality To Sales Engagement Platform

Mixmax, a sales engagement platform, launched a new SMS feature that’s designed to help revenue teams better engage with their prospects and customers. According to the company, this feature can be used across the customer lifecycle to speed up communication and stand out with more personalized messages.

Specific capabilities of solution include:

  • Sending confirmations before meetings;
  • Allowing sales reps to set up a nurture drip;
  • Confirming next steps or answering quick questions; and
  • Checking in and adding value to existing, stalled or cold leads.

“Over the past year, we’ve seen increased demand from revenue teams looking to leverage SMS as part of their multichannel outreach,” said Olof Mathé, CEO and Co-founder of Mixmax, in a statement. “Inboxes are overcrowded — it’s critical to stand out with the right message on the right channel to move deals forward, engage customers and build more pipeline.”

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