Minecraft Legends development ends with the Lost Legends: Snow vs Snouts challenge event

The latest Minecraft Legends event, Snow vs Snouts, has been released, and it is the last bit of content coming to the game.

In Snow vs Snouts, your focus is on destroying piglin bases from afar, using an enhanced version of the Redstone launcher. Compared to its base game counterpart, this launcher has a faster cooldown and (de)construction rate for more mobility and greater attack power. Plus, it has a knockback effect on piglins.

Enter the snowy battlefield in Minecraft Legends – Snow vs Snouts.

But there’s one catch: you can’t control mobs or build other structures. The single Redstone launcher is all you have to take down the piglins. Succeed in your endeavor and you will receive the Snow Guardian hero skin.

With the release of Snow vs Snouts, the studio is ceasing development but will continue to offer technical support. There won’t be any removal of functionalities or features from the game, and PvP along with co-op will remain fully functional. Plus, as a thank you, all players will be gifted with the Bright-Eyed Hero skin which you can claim now on Minecraft Legends Marketplace.

While this is the last Lost Legend to be released, existing Lost Legends challenges will remain available for free, so make sure you check out all nine of the previous challenges.

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