Litter-Robot III Review for 2023

Check out this litter robot III review which covers facts of highest-rated automatic self-cleaning litter box of 2023.

Are you tired of scooping that dirty old litter box of your kitty every-single-day? Yes, scooping kitty poop as a routine can be annoying. But the good news, you can get rid of this boresome job right now if you wish to!

But how, right?

Well, while there are manufacturers that keep on making those old-school scooping cat litter boxes, there is one company that knows what you are going through. And just as our digital gadgets have evolved, some of these pet appliances need to get along with the ride too.

So what is this new generation product that we are talking about? It is the Ultimate Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box.

Litter Robot 3 Open-Air Automatic Litter Box Review

After the astonishing success of their products Litter-Robot I and Litter-Robot II, Litter-Robot has come up with further evolved, with more unique features and superb user-convenience, the Litter-Robot III.

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Besides coming with a demanding price, Litter-Robot III has received spectacular feedback from the kitty parents all over the world. However, as nothing is ever perfect, it has some flaws too. But we’ll help you to make up your decision, as always. To purchase it or not, is totally up to you. So are you ready to be free from scooping?

If you find reading so much content a drag, jump to the conclusion or buy Litter-Robot III here.

Why Choose Litter-Robot III Open Air?

The First-Ever Fully Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box

By fully automatic, we mean you won’t have to do a thing to keep this Litter Box Clean (Well, except the fact that you’ll have to empty the poop tray every couple of days or so because the litter box cannot travel to the trash can every single day to empty itself, right?).

No Need to Scoop Litter Again

All the old school litter boxes make you scoop the poop off from litter every once in a while to keep it clean, hygienic and retain your house odor free(which, of course, is a myth).

However, with this Litter-Robot III, you won’t have to do a thing. All the things that we mentioned above are taken care of by this ultimate Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box.

So no need to get your hands dirty again!

Comes with a Self-Cleaning Feature

Once your cat eliminates in this litter box, the Litter-Robot III automatically runs the cleaning function, which turns the whole chamber around in order to get the poop out in the removable drawer below and waste least possible litter.

You can also run the self-cleaning feature by using one of the control buttons of Litter-Robot III.

Comes with Sensors

Unlike the older Litter-Robot I and II, the Litter-Robot III comes with sensors. Older ones had the sensors to notice if the litter box is being used. This one has such feature as well but in addition, this upgraded Litter-Robot comes with a sensor that indicates whether the litter drawer at the bottom is full of fecal waste or not. If full, it will indicate it by turning on a bright blue light on its interface.

A Great Money-Saver

The Litter-Robot series has been proven great in saving money by wasting the least possible amount of litter and so does Litter-Robot III.

When the chamber is turning around to dispose of the poop, there is a mesh panel at the bottom, that allows the clean litter particles to get inside and the rest, which is the dirty litter, is disposed of in the poop drawer at the bottom. And when the chamber turns the other way around, the clean litter comes back inside, Genius!

Needless to mention, the conventional scooping litter boxes take away a lot of the clean litter while scooping the poop. As a result, you have to purchase a new litter sooner. But using Litter-Robot III, your money is safe, fella!

Amazing with Multiple Cats too!

Just like humans, cats do not like to poop in a dirty environment. And when you have multiple cats at your home, the conventional scooping litter box is going to be dirty and if not cleaned often, the other cats are not going to use the litter box. As a result, a filthy house!

However, the Litter-Robot III, with its self-cleaning feature, eliminates such situation, even when you’re not home. It keeps the litter box clean after each use so that all your cats can use it keeping themselves away from others’ feces.

No More Filthy House!

Litter-Robot III is very specific when doing its job. As mentioned by the manufacturer, it works like a charm when comes to keeping the house clean.

Reduces Odor

The Litter-Robot runs the cleaning function as soon as your cat uses it. It is quick in disposing of the feces, which makes your house less susceptible to poopy smell!

No Dirty Paws

The conventional automatic litter boxes, if not cleaned frequently, make the paws and even the other body parts of your clean kitty filthy because of the uncleansed fecal waste lying in there. But with Litter-Robot, you don’t have to worry about that as it cleans itself after each use.

Spacious Litter Chamber

Lastly, the litter chamber of Litter-Robot III has been made more spacious compared to the older versions, that allows the cat to hop on more easily.

Control the Litter-Robot Wherever You Are!

Another variant, named Litter-Robot III Open Air with Connect, comes with a WiFi enabled machine that can be controlled with a mobile application. It also sends you status information every once in a while.

The Amazing Warranty Period

AutoPets offers an 18-Month Warranty on the Litter-Robot, which makes your investment more secure. Click here, to purchase Litter-Robot from a trusted retailer.

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Control Panel of Litter-Robot III

The user interface of the Litter-Robot is pretty neat and easy to use. It is just a collection of few buttons and indicators.


The power button lets you turn the Litter-Robot on and off.


It allows you to manually run the cleaning cycle. It can also be used to resume the aborted cleaning process.


It is used to perform an empty cycle.


Using reset button you can abort an ongoing cleaning cycle and make the globe return to its original place.

The Indicators

  • Blue Indicator On:
  • Blue Indicator Blinking:
    • The poop drawer at the bottom is full.
  • Blue and Yellow Indicators On:
    • The unit is set on 8 hours sleep.
  • Yellow Indicator On:
  • Yellow Indicator Blinking:
    • Ongoing cycle interrupted.
  • Red Indicator:
    • The sensors have sensed a cat using the unit.
  • Red Indicator Blinking:
  • Yellow & Red Indicators Blinking Sequentially:
  • Blue, Yellow & Red Indicators Blinking Sequentially:
    • Unable to find the dumping place.
  • Red, Yellow & Blue Indicators Blinking Sequentially:
    • Unable to return to home state.
  • Blue, Yellow & Red Indicators Blinking Simultaneously:
    • Unable to find the home and dump states.

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Package Contents

  • DC Supply – 15 Volts
  • Carbon Filter
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Instruction Manual
  • Waste Drawer Liners
  • Other user materials
  • Return & Repack Instructions

Litter-Robot III Instructions / How to Use

Step One

Set up the litter robot with the 15 volts power supply and press the power button. Add the litter in the chamber. Check the feces drawer at the bottom and set it up with a trash bag.

Step Two

Train your kitty to use the Litter-Robot III. In order to do that, make her familiar with the machine. She’ll soon be using it in no time.

Step Three

Check if the feces drawer is full. You can easily do it by keeping an eye on the blue blinking indicator. If full, empty the drawer and set it up with another waste bag.

Step Four

Clean the inside chamber every week. Check the user manual for detailed instructions.

Does Litter-Robot III Open Air Work?

According to most of the users, it does. In fact, the user community says that the Litter-Robot works like a charm.

Many of the current users were first hesitant to make such a big investment. And did not have any complaints with their old scooping cat litter boxes. However, purchasing the Litter-Robot made them realize how simpler their job can be made. It does not only simplify the job but also gives you a great user-convenience.

If that’s not enough, the Litter-Robot comes with a 90 days try at home guarantee, which means if you do not like the product within the 90 days of the purchase, you can return it and get back the amount you paid for the purchase!

All in all, there is no doubt about the functionality of the product.

Cost of Litter-Robot III for Sale Near You

Litter-Robot 3

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To get the maximum user benefits, we recommend purchasing the Litter-Robot the authorized litter-robot website.

The cost of the product might seem a bit out of budget at first, however, we guarantee you that the product is worth every penny you spend.

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Litter-Robot III vs. Litter-Robot II

The Litter-Robot III is quite upgraded since the launch of Litter-Robot II. First of all, the cat chamber has been enlarged to let the kitty stay in there comfortably, hence the name ‘Open Air’.

Litter-Robot II did not come with a feces drawer sensor, which made users check the drawer every once in a while. However, Litter-Robot III comes with a sensor that automatically senses if the drawer is full and indicates it by blinking bright blue LED on the control panel.

The variant Litter-Robot III Open Air with Connect comes with a WiFi support and can be handled from anywhere using a mobile application. (Note: this is a different variant than the one mentioned in this review.)

Some minor design upgrades are there too which are worth noticing. The earlier models made a little mess by causing the litter to fall out of the chamber when the cat would climb on it. They have addressed this issues by adding a small adjustment near the entrance which stops the litter from getting out.

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So that’s it, cat lover! Now you know almost everything about making your first self-cleaning cat litter box purchase.

The Litter-Robot III is perhaps one of the best fully automatic litter box that eliminates the burden of scooping cat litter every day. Once purchased, your house will definitely look, smell and be so clean as if there weren’t any cats ever around!

So what are you waiting for? Buy Litter-Robot III now!

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