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There is a reason popular attractions receive as many visitors as they do, for the most part they are deserving of an influx of tourists due to their iconic status and worldwide acclaim.

But on the odd occasion, overcrowding can spoil your time at a ‘must-visit’ location and the experience that you have doesn’t quite live up to your expectations.

However, getting off the beaten track is one of the great joys of travelling – nothing tops the feeling of finding a lesser-known location away from the crowds to enjoy as your very own holiday secret.

Big cities are full of an array of varied attractions, from the weird and wonderful to the downright sublime – each with differing levels of popularity.

Low-cost airline Wizz Air has compiled a ranking of the top 20 lesser-known landmarks from around the world for you to discover and explore on your next trip.

To determine the list, they examined the percentage of positive reviews on Tripadvisor for each attraction before ranking them accordingly.

Tamara Vallois, Head of Communications at Wizz Air, said: “While most of us may be familiar with the famous landmarks in each country – from the Eiffel Tower to Stonehenge – there are a wide range of fantastic destinations that fly under the radar for many travellers. 

“From a hands-on, Wonka-esque chocolate factory adventure in Edinburgh, to a secret chapel, hidden away in an Amsterdam attic. There are plenty of hidden gems for tourists looking for a worthwhile, unique experience.

“We hope our study has educated travellers on some of the lesser-known attractions found around the world. Our investigation highlights the amazing locations that can be seen and experienced beyond the popular go-to tourist attractions.”

1. The Chocolatarium – Edinburgh, Scotland

According to the research, The Chocolatartium in Edinburgh is the top lesser-known landmark with an incredible 99.5 percent of ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’ reviews.

A chocolate lover’s dream, you can find out how chocolate is made, make your own chocolate bar, and enjoy a delicious tasting session. The micro chocolate factory is ranked 10th in the ‘Things to Do’ list on Tripadvisor.

2. Al Masjid an Nabawi – Medina, Saudi Arabia

Ranking as the second-best lesser-known landmark is the Al Masjid an Nabawi in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

The Prophet’s Mosque is the second largest mosque and second holiest site in Islam. It had 2,347 reviews on Tripadvisor at the time the research was conducted, with 99.4 percent being either ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’, whilst also being ranked as the best thing to do in Medina.

3. Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore – Milan, Italy

Completing the top three is the Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore in Milan, receiving 98.6 percent of ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’ reviews from a total of 4,559.

Milan is a very popular city break destination, and whilst the Duomo di Milano and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II generally take the most plaudits, a visit to the lesser-known Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore is definitely well worth your time.

In fourth place are the Guild Houses in Brussels, followed by Stare Miasto in Krakow, with the Polish city’s Old Town being ranked at number five.

Dubai’s Aura Skypool, the Budapest Pinball Museum, Monteliusvagen in Stockholm, Madrid’s Museo Sorolla, and the Gallery of Steel Figures in Prague round off the top 10 lesser-known landmarks.

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