Lamborghini Celebrates The V10 Huracan With Epic Italian Roadtrip

The full range of current Huracan models attended the event through the hills of Lamborghini’s home country


by Brad Anderson

8 hours ago

 Lamborghini Celebrates The V10 Huracan With Epic Italian Roadtrip

Lamborghini’s V10-powered Huracan is approaching the end of its production run, and to commemorate both the car and its iconic engine, the brand recently organized an incredible road trip through some of Italy‘s most scenic regions, sharing a stunning collection of photos with us.

The journey started in Bologna with attendees driving to the Palazzo di Varignana resort in the Bolognese foothills where they enjoyed a fancy dinner. The following day, the driving started in earnest with a trip through Castel del Rio and the Giogo pass to Villa Campestri where an extra virgin olive oil tasting was hosted. You can’t get much more Italian than that.

Upon their arrival at Villa Alpebella, an estate owned by the Bocelli family, the guests were greeted by none other than the renowned singer Andrea Bocelli himself, along with his wife Veronica and his son Matteo.

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The next day, the roadtrip took those in attendance to the Valsora white marble quarry before winding through the Abetone pass and ending in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

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The full selection of current Lamborghini Huracan models were in attendance, including the Evo Spyder, Sterrato, Technica, and STO, all with special specifications and finishes ordered through the Ad Personam program.

While work on the Huracan’s successor is still ongoing, we already know that it will ditch the V10 in favor of a twin-turbocharged V8. According to a recent report, this engine will be bespoke from other twin-turbo V8s found within the VW Group but will probably have the same 4.0-liter displacement that it does in the Urus. Working alongside this engine will be at least two electric motors, likely similar to the axial-flux motors that the lager and more powerful Revuelto uses.

One particularly intriguing system being developed by Lamborghini is a piece of tech that can adjust the toe and camber of a vehicle on the fly. It is possible this system will be installed in the Huracan’s successor.

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