“It is like mini Indian Premier League”: Wasim Akram on Pakistan Super League

In a recent media interaction, legendary Pakistani pacer Wasim Akram made a blockbuster statement, asserting that the Indian Premier League (IPL) stands taller than the Pakistan Super League (PSL), labeling the latter as the “mini-IPL” of Pakistan.

When asked to choose between IPL and PSL on Sportskeeda, Akram didn’t hesitate.

“I’ve been part of both leagues. Comparing them is impossible, IPL is massive. PSL is significant in Pakistan, like a mini-IPL for the country,” he said.

Akram’s comparison highlights the undeniable global dominance of the IPL, renowned for its quality matches and star-studded player line-up. The PSL, while significant in Pakistan, is considered a scaled-down version of the Indian cricket extravaganza.

Switching focus to team preferences, when prompted to pick between Kolkata Knight Riders and Karachi Kings, Akram diplomatically opted for both, perhaps acknowledging the strengths of both franchises.

IPL 2024 might start on March 22nd and run until late May. This depends on when India’s Election Commission announces the dates for the next general election.

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