Intentsify Announces Multi-Language Intent Data Solution

Intentsify, a provider of AI-generated intent intelligence and full-funnel customer engagement solutions, revealed new multi-language intent data capabilities that seek to synthesize large volumes of intent signals captured across non-English sources.

Intentsify’s proprietary AI is designed to analyze customers’ websites and marketing materials to generate intent models unique to each customer’s products and use cases. According to the company, providing go-to-market teams with this level of buyer intelligence — and engagement solutions — helps surround buying committees at in-market accounts with messaging precisely aligned to their unique buyer journeys and interests. 

“At Intentsify, we pride ourselves on helping our customers deliver exceptional full funnel buying experiences that drive revenue,” said Gary Noke, President and CEO at Intentsify, in a statement. “This year’s release of precision intent, now married with our new multilingual solutions, allows customers targeting APAC and EMEA to increase their global program performance, while also supporting the market expansion efforts of customers who currently do not have a global presence.”

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