How to Prevent Dog Ear Infection – 4 Effective Ways to Keep Infections Away

Just like we face health issues, even the canines do and among all of them, the most frustrating one is the ear infection. I used the word frustrating because they tend to reappear again and again if proper care and treatment are not carried out.

Once you are sure about the ear infection in dogs, get in touch with the vet asap. This is simply to avoid any further serious consequences like hearing loss, middle or inner ear infection, eardrum damage, etc. So, make sure that you don’t postpone the appointment.


Ear infections are too common and the problem is a level high during the hot climates.

So, what actually causes ear infections in dogs?

There are several possible reasons like hormonal conditions, allergies, autoimmune disease like building up of the wax and dirt inside the ears, and any specific nutrition deficiency.

Discovering A Dog Ear Infection

Well, I know we are not the pet experts at home, still, we can make out about the Ear Infection if you find –

  • Red or brown colored discharge coming out
  • Unusual redness
  • Swelling
  • Excessive scratching of the ears
  • Rubbing the ears on a furniture
  • Scab marks near the inside of the ear

These are the sure signs that would easily let you know if your pooch has an ear infection. Now, the best way to avoid them is to – Prevent them. Simple, right?


Following are the proven tips and prevention measures that you can take, and keep this deadly and irritating thing away from your pet:

Keep The Ears Dry

When we say infections, bacterias and fungi are what comes to my mind. Dog Ear Infections are no different. Bacteria and all, they usually develop in moist surrounding and dog ears turns out the best place for their accommodation.

And those who have floppy ear tend to trap the moisture naturally. This is way, it is important that you keep the dog ears dry. Wipe the ears with a soft clean cloth or an earbud – and just maintain it every 5th or 10th day. If your pet is a regular swimmer or you bath them every day, then you know the drill.

Whenever you find dog ears wet, wipe them and just leave them to dry.

Keep The Dog Ears Clean

Very important of all. Dog ears should be dry and clean. You can make use of a dog ear cleaner that works the best for this purpose. They are safe on the ears and easily affordable too. Most of these cleaners contain vinegar, rubbing alcohol, and almost half part is covered by water.

For using this solution, you need to first lift the ear flap, take a cotton ball and dip it in the vet-recommended ear cleaner solution, squeeze out the excess liquid out. Rub the cotton gently over the ears and the foldings for about 20-30 seconds. Make sure you take the process slowly if you are a beginner.

Check And Solve Any Underlying Problem

Once you find out that your pooch got the ear infection, it simply means that there’s something else going wrong with them. For example, some foreign body present near the ear portion, body tumor, autoimmune issue, hormonal changes.

Yes, even skin allergies can cause inflammation in certain body parts. This could be one reason for the ear infection. The best way to prevent is to keep your pet away from dust and all the things that can potentially cause damage to their health.

Some dogs are sensitive to foods, and this can also have some connection with the ear infection. Be attentive to the causes, and proceed.

Maybe The Hair-plucking Is Not Necessary

If your pooch has long hairs near the ear portion but got no ear infection ever- then there’s no need to pluck the hairs. On the other hand, if your pet has hairy canals and keeps getting ear infection regularly, hair-plucking, in this case, stands valid.

Hair plucking is not a home-kind of thing. So get it done by a professional ONLY.

With so many possible causes, I hope the concept of dog ear infection is now clear to you. Give a special ALERTNESS and CARE to prevent it from occurring.

Till then, take care of yourself and your buddy! See you all soon.

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