How To Detail Your Tesla Cybertruck From Dawn Dish Soap To Windex And Barkeeper’s Friend

The stainless steel body requires the use of products most keep in their kitchen and it could take all day to finish one Cybertruck

 How To Detail Your Tesla Cybertruck From Dawn Dish Soap To Windex And Barkeeper’s Friend

The Tesla Cybertruck is changing the game on multiple levels, and one of those is how detailers approach the vehicle. After extensive testing, one detailer believes they’ve found the best combination. Not only are the required products inexpensive, but you might already have them under your sink.

Caring for the paint and finish on a typical car involves an intricate process, which is usually consistent across brands. However, the Cybertruck’s body is constructed from ultra-hard stainless steel, requiring a notably different approach for maintenance, especially for those who keep the truck unwrapped.

Coleton from Out Of Spec Detailing has experience with various car types and is now taking on the challenge of detailing this unique Tesla.

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According to Coleton, the Cybertruck is going to require a very different approach and it includes both Barkeeper’s Friend and Windex – yes, that Windex. Those two products are appropriate for the Cybertruck because they help to pull up the tarnish that soaks into the porous surface of the truck during everyday use.

Once one applies the Barkeeper’s Friend they should go back with clean cloths and then apply Windex and repeat with new clean cloth.

The results speak for themselves. The panels reflect far more light and appear more silver than brown. In fact, the difference is so clear that the first of many concerns about the situation appear. Those willing to do this work to any of the body panels on the Cybertruck need to be ready to work on the whole truck because the difference is so obvious once one panel is finished.

In addition, they need to be careful not to allow the products to contact the black plastic fender flares since those could become discolored. In addition, the panels pick up fingerprints very easily and when that happens, the oil from those fingertips soaks into the metal. That means that regular work is needed to keep the fingerprints at bay.

Another finding is that paint protection film doesn’t really work as intended on the Cybertruck. He says that the stainless finish doesn’t come up through the film and ceramic coatings don’t work properly either.

The only solution then is to wrap this truck if one doesn’t want to regularly have it detailed to keep the tarnish at bay.

Image Credit: Out Of Spec Detailing

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