Fans accuse ICC of wasting money on India-Pakistan T20 World Cup match

The T20 World Cup 2024 schedule, recently announced by the International Cricket Council (ICC), has raised concerns about its value to the game. The USA and West Indies are co-hosting this major ICC tournament, marking the first time the USA has hosted such an event. The tournament involves 20 teams.

India and Pakistan are set to lock horns at the Nassau County International Cricket Stadium. It is part of a modular facility not constructed yet. The construction cost for the temporary facility surpasses US $30 million and will be dismantled in one week. Critics slam ICC that it lacks foresight for its ambitious plans.

While the ICC aims to expand the game into new markets, particularly targeting the USA as a high-potential region, it seems to have overlooked the local audience. The proposed match timings, designed to cater to Indian prime time, have raised concerns among spectators. Matches, including the India-Pakistan game, will take place in the early hours of local time. It poses a significant challenge for the local audience to attend.

The India-Pakistan clash, scheduled for around 10 am local time, poses logistical challenges for spectators. The Nassau County International Cricket Stadium is located at a considerable distance from New York City, requiring significant commuting efforts. The fastest means of transportation is by private vehicle. It takes nearly an hour. While a combination of train and bus rides could extend the journey to over two hours.

With all roads leading to Nassau County on match days, residents face increased commuting times and logistical difficulties.

Critics slam the ICC’s 2024 T20 World Cup plan for overspending on temporary facilities, ignoring the local audience, and causing logistical challenges. They suggest utilizing the substantial investment to build permanent infrastructure in a country with critical financial needs.

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