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Europe is full of incredible destinations for prospective holidaymakers to consider – with places like the romantic streets of Rome and captivating canals of Amsterdam major favourites for tourists.

When planning a trip away, the usual countries tend to crop up in discussions – France, Italy, Spain, and Portugal to name a few.

Whilst there is good reason these destinations are so well-visited, their popularity can sometimes be their downfall.

If you’re looking for a peaceful escape, there isn’t much relaxing about being crammed into a confined place with other tourists, vying to catch a glimpse of a famous landmark and grab the perfect photo for Instagram.

Trips to less popular countries are becoming more and more desired, with tourists looking to alternative destinations in an attempt to enjoy a less-crowded holiday.

One country that many travellers should consider heading to on a short getaway is the small landlocked nation of Liechtenstein.

With just over 70,000 tourists in 2021, the 25km-long principality is one of the world’s least visited countries.

Sandwiched between neighbouring countries Austria and Switzerland, Liechtenstein has a population of just over 39,500 people – similar to that of Borehamwood.

However, despite the country’s miniscule size, visitors have claimed that Liechtenstein has “views to die for”.

Writing on Tripadvisor, user Frida A from Uppsala, Sweden, said that the ski resort of Malbun felt like “the cleanest place in the world”.

She added: “Everything feels sooo like in a movie. The houses, the people, the food. I love it here.”

A fellow user, Jainam M, from Mumbai, also shared the love for the small ski resort, saying: “What a beautiful place Malbun is. Amazing place with good infrastructure and clean outdoors as well.

“The place feels like a little paradise. Snow everywhere and good fresh air.”

Whilst the capital city of Vaduz is also a hit with tourists, with visitors praising its ‘clean ambience’ and ‘quaint downtown’.

Vaduz’s main square is where you’ll find the majority of things to do and see, as well as places to eat.

One of the standout attractions is the Postal Museum – a collection of small works of art and a showcase of every unique stamp ever issued by the Principality of Liechtenstein.

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