Do Dog Shock Collars Work? – Everything You Need to Know Before Buying One

We know training the dogs can be very difficult especially if you have a hyperactive personality. Moreover, people use the shock collar for training the dogs to take orders instantly. On the other hand, we are aware that the dog training techniques should be everything about encouragement and not punitive. So, does the dog shock collars work for progressive training? Or are they just the method of punitive training?

Do Dog Shock Collars Work?

Best dog shock collars work the same as an electric taser we use for security purposes. It will deliver a sting of shock similar to that of the taser. However, the collars deliver the shock in the range of 1500 volts to 6000 volts. Still, the shock collar companies try to remain secretive with these numbers when asked.

Generally, the dog shock collar will appear similar to any regular dog collar with a small box. The box is the battery as well as the taser unit of the collar. It will have the electrodes protruding outside the box.

As the matter of fact, the electrodes of the shock collar will pass through the thick layer of fur to the skin. When the electrodes getting in contact with skin is necessary.

Moreover, the level of electric shock collar can deliver will vary from collar to collar. In fact, the electric shock collar will also have different types depending upon the purpose of use. It means the shock collar used for controlling the barking will be different from the training ones.

Hence, to justify if the dog collar work or are useful for dogs will be difficult. However, we have described the conditions where the shock collars will be useful. Along with that, you can learn about the drawback of using the electric shock collars too.

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Benefits of Shock Collars

Shouting to discipline your dog is useless as well as annoying even for you and others around you. In fact, the untrained dog will not even understand the word you say. Also, even the trained dog will try to ignore your command while barking purposefully.

On the other hand, there are some training methods which can save your dog from electric shocks.

That includes clicker training, model training, etc. but the shock collar proves to be the most effective for the inquisitive pooches.

However, you will need to introduce something extra with these mediums for positive reinforcement. Although the shock collar delivers a shock yet will not require a bowl filled with treats. And ultimately the dog will learn to associate shocks and obey your commands.

The dog shock collar will work in many cases provided that you get the collar with adjustable shock intensity. If you are thinking of getting a dog shock collar then you get to use it for these benefits.

  • Commanding the dog without yelling using the RC.
  • Adjust the shock intensity according to the level your dog can tolerate.
  • Use the shock collar for training and anti-bark reinforcement.
  • The dog shock collar will rapidly discipline the pooch without even giving him severe shocks.
  • Set an invisible perimeter around your house to save the dog from running out.

Drawbacks of Shock Collars

Coming to the negative effects of using the shock collars, it is the matter of responsibility and leadership.

Using the dog shock collar can go South if the owner or the user tries to enjoy giving shocks to the dog.

Firstly, the dog will get scared of doing anything at all. Because dogs are not as intelligent as us and they cannot figure out which of their unwanted acts leads to shocks. Hence, the pooches will succumb and stay scared most of the time. That is nowhere near positive reinforcement!

The EndNote

Yes, dog collar works for anti-bark reinforcement or training the Fido. It will even eliminate the unnecessary annoyance you face.

On the other hand, the owner should neither put their dogs to elongated electric shocks nor frequent shocks.

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