Default Launches AI-Powered Inbound Sales Funnel; Reveals $6.6M Seed Funding

Default, an inbound go-to-market (GTM) platform, rolled out its new AI-powered inbound sales funnel designed to help GTM teams automate inbound workflows, generate unique insights about inbound leads and accounts and improve integration between ingested data and first-party records. The rollout follows Default’s previously unannounced $6.6 million seed investment from a late 2021 round led by Craft Ventures with additional participants.

The new AI-powered features seek to build on Default’s lead data by using large language models to generate summaries and insights about inbound sales leads. By aggregating first- and third-party data at the point of inbound ingestion, the intelligence system seeks to tie insights together and make sense of them.

Additionally, the new inbound sales funnel works to automatically solve integration issues between first-party records at the top of a sales funnel with downstream systems like HubSpot, Marketo, Outreach and Salesforce. It also works to generate workflow insights for operations teams to improve data and process hygiene across their revenue stacks.

“Shifting markets and rising expectations are putting pressure on sales leaders,” said Nico Ferreyra, CEO and Co-founder of Default, in a statement. “Leads are getting more expensive to generate so they need to be handled intelligently. Too many businesses are stuck piecing together tools at various stages in the sales funnel, which means losing or turning away perfectly good, sometimes even great leads. Fully integrating lead generation and conversion makes it possible for digital businesses to manage their entire customer lifecycle.”

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