Caught cheating in Dota 2? You’re getting a permaban and a lump of coal for Frostivus

Dota 2 is celebrating Frostivus 2023 by handing out goodies to all.

You can earn goodies in matches, fill up your Frostivus Spirit Meter, and get a locked Frostivus Treasure Chest and a random Stocking Stuffer, which covers everything from sprays to emoticons to stickers. You can also buy keys to unlock chests.

You can also expect all-new item sets for your favorite heroes, plus the return of some holiday favorites. Expect a visit from the Wraith King Arcana and the Crystal Maiden Persona, too.

What else can you expect? Well, gifts are only for those who have been good this year. If you have been naughty by cheating in the game, Valve is giving you a different sort of gift: a Highly Toxic Lump of Coal and a permaban (thanks, PC Gamer).

“There’s no sense denying it,” states Valve. “King Kringle knows. He’s checked your behavior score twice, and he’s coming with his ban hammer to pulverize the smurf accounts of all the naughty boys and girls, before handing out penalties to their associated main accounts.”

For those unfamiliar with what a “smurf account” is, smurfing is when highly skilled players of a game create a new account so that they can play against new or low-skilled players, essentially pulverizing them.

For those who have been nice, it’s a Frostivus for the lot of Us with all sorts of special gifts heading our way – with no airing of grievances or feats of strength required.

Frostivus is live and ends on January 11.

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