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As our dogs grow old they have greater chances of experiencing joint pain. The cartilage beings to thin which causes the bones to rub against each other. Pain may also restrict their movement. Due to the lack of activity, they may experience even more stiffness and pain in the joint and the muscle.

Though this arthritis cannot be completely cured, there are a few ways which lessen the pain in the joints and help improve mobility.

Glucosamine is a naturally occurring compound found in our pet’s bodies which repairs the body tissues. There are Glucosamine supplements which reduce the joint damage and repair the cartilage. They reduce the dog’s pain and by improving lubrication in his joints.

Can Dogs Take Human Joint Supplements Such as Glucosamine?

It is safe to give your dog joint supplements and Glucosamine as they would safely help him reduce the pain. Joint supplements work great and show wonderful effects. There are many of these available online and in the market.

Human and Dog Joint Supplements – The Relationship

Some owners also owner if they can treat the dog with their own human joint supplements. Though the human joint supplement is similar to that of the dogs, it may not be the right choice for your dog. There are a few differences that you should consider before taking the step.

Difference in Ingredients

Although the glucosamine for both is the same, the other ingredients may need consideration. Human Supplements may contain some ingredients that may prove to be unsafe for dogs. Some of the human Glucosamine supplements may contain sweeteners and flavors which are not safe for consumption by dogs.

The sugar substitute may cause problems and can also prove to be fatal for your dog.

Difference in the Digestive Tract

There is a lot of difference in a dog’s and a humans digestive system. A dog’s digestive tract is shorter than that of a human’s. Therefore, a dog’s digestive system needs to break down the supplements before it passes through the body completely. Some brands of human glucosamine tablets do not break down in a dog’s system and pass entirely through it.

Thus, it is always better to choose a supplement that is designed for dogs. You can consider Dr. Marty ProPower Plus as a digestive supplement.

Price Difference

There is a huge price difference between the products meant for humans and that for dogs. Human glucosamine supplements are more expensive.

It is, therefore, a better option to get your dog his own joint supplements.

Difference in Composition

There is a varied composition of glucosamine in human and dog supplements and both the products are differently made. Generally, the human glucosamine is made using 99% strength glucosamine hydrochloride. Whereas, the dog supplements contain 90% strength glucosamine.

Also, the glucosamine meant for dogs is said to give quick relief from pain as compared to the human supplement. This is due to the direct absorption by the dog’s system.

Difference in Dosage

With the dog glucosamine supplements, it is clear as to how much should be given to your dog per day.

However, because of the difference in composition, you might not know the exact amount of human joint supplement that has to be given to your dog.

This can lead to under or overdosage of human joint supplement in the dogs. This may lead to other problems in dogs.

Dogs May Not Like Them

Glucosamine that is meant for dogs comes in forms of treats. There are some other options which are made according to the dog’s taste. On the other hand, human glucosamine is made according to the human’s taste.

Dogs may not take the human supplements altogether as they may not like its taste.

Human Glucosamine Supplements for Dogs – Final Opinion

So, despite all the differences between the two, many people still believe that human joint supplements can be given to your dog. However, it might not be very safe and you should avoid doing so. The chemicals in the human joint supplements are different and unsafe for your dog’s health.

It is thus recommended to give your dog a joint supplement which is meant for dogs. This will ensure his safe and healthy living.

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