Babar Azam should take break from international cricket like Virat Kohli”: Mushtaq Ahmed

Former Pakistan spinner Mushtaq Ahmed has advised star batter Babar Azam to take a break amidst his poor run of form. As Babar struggles in the ongoing Test series against Australia, Mushtaq suggests a period of rest to regain form.

The advice comes ahead of the third and final Test between Pakistan and Australia at the SCG on January 3. With Australia already securing the series victory after winning the first two matches, the focus shifts to Babar.

Speaking to Cricket Pakistan, Mushtaq Ahmed pointed out how Kohli took a break during a rough patch in his career. He urged Babar to follow a similar path.

“We offer coaching globally, and if a player is mentally disturbed, we grant them a break of 2 or 3 matches. Virat Kohli, when out of form, took a break and hasn’t faced similar struggles since. The management should have stepped in and recommended Babar to take a rest,” he said.

Highlighting Babar’s challenges in the Asia Cup and the World Cup, Mushtaq insisted that he would have recommended giving Babar some rest if he were part of the management. Babar has only scored 71 runs in the series with a mere average of 20.

“Babar has delivered exceptional performances, and he is a hero for us. Regarded as one of the top players, he encountered challenges, including setbacks in the Asia Cup, the World Cup, and eventually losing the captaincy amid rumours and difficulties. In our culture, we often overlook the importance of breaks. If I were present, I would have recommended providing Babar with some much-needed rest,” he added.

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