Assemble your squad at Lollapalooza India 2024 and create your own album of unforgettable experiences

Tired of the endless battles over the aux cord with your friends, each one vying to play their preferred tunes? The constant struggle between rock enthusiasts, hip-hop aficionados and indie music lovers can turn any car ride or gathering into a musical battlefield. But fear not! Start the New Year afresh, as you experience the ultimate solution to your diverse music taste predicaments.

Picture this: a diverse lineup of world-class artists, mind-blowing performances and an atmosphere buzzing with energy and excitement. From rock and indie to electronic and hip-hop, Lollapalooza India has it all! There’s no better way to bond with your squad than over shared musical moments. Lollapalooza India 2024 provides the perfect backdrop for you to connect, groove and create memories with your gang with the festival’s infectious energy. Discover new sounds, unearth hidden gems and immerse yourself in the various stages and performances scattered throughout the venue. It’s an adventure waiting to happen!

Make this a collective experience and assemble your squad for Lollapalooza India 2024 on January 27th and 28th, 2024 in the heart of Mumbai at the iconic Mahalaxmi Racecourse! The second edition of the festival boasts headliners that offer a captivating blend of diverse genres, promising an exceptional and immersive experience for all, whether you come with your cool friends or your parents! Check out what the hype is all about and explore the unknowns with the big names on the board:

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Jonas Brothers: The Sibling Sensation

The Jonas Brothers, originally catapulted to fame through Disney Channel, have evolved into a symbol of pop royalty. Comprising Kevin, Joe and Nick, this trio has seamlessly transitioned from teen heartthrobs to mature artists, contributing significantly to the contemporary pop and pop-rock landscape. Their discography is studded with hits that resonate with fans of all ages. “Sucker” showcases their current pop prowess, while “Burnin’ Up” and “Year 3000” serve as reminders of their earlier, infectious sound. The Jonas Brothers’ ability to blend catchy melodies with meaningful lyrics has solidified their status as pop icons and their debut in India will have you grooving like there’s no tomorrow!

Our top recommendations to get Lolla ready include: What A Man Gotta Do, Sucker and Only Human

Sting: Timeless Icon

Sting’s musical journey is a testament to his versatility and enduring impact on the music industry. From his days as the frontman of The Police, contributing to the new wave genre, to his solo ventures in adult contemporary, Sting has consistently demonstrated a unique ability to reinvent himself. Iconic tracks like “Every Breath You Take” and “Fields of Gold” showcase his songwriting prowess and distinctive voice. Sting’s solo career has been marked by a commitment to exploring new sounds and pushing the boundaries of what pop and rock music can achieve.

Our recommendations to get Lolla ready include: Shape Of My Heart, Dreaming and Every Breath You Take

Halsey: Electro-Pop Enchantress

Halsey, born Ashley Nicolette Frangipane, has emerged as a visionary in the realm of electropop, synth-pop and alternative pop. Her music is a raw and honest reflection of personal experiences, resonating with a generation that craves authenticity in every note. Fan favourites like “Without Me” and “Bad at Love” underscore Halsey’s ability to craft emotionally charged songs with a contemporary edge. Her genre-defying approach to music sets her apart in the pop landscape and her influence extends beyond the traditional boundaries of the genre. This one’s for all the Halsey fans in the country, as her performance is all set to get them one-step “Closer” to seeing their idol live in India for the first time ever!

Our recommendations to get Lolla ready include: Life’s A Mess, Closer and Walls Could Talk

OneRepublic: Anthems of Unity

OneRepublic, led by the multifaceted Ryan Tedder, has etched a place for itself in the pop-rock genre. The band’s ability to infuse melodic elements into their pop sound has garnered widespread acclaim, making them a household name in the global music scene. Chart-toppers like the ever-green “Counting Stars”, “Apologize” and “Secrets” showcase the band’s knack for creating emotionally resonant music. OneRepublic’s gearing up to deliver some soulful performances and Tedder’s distinctive vocals will get you on your feet as they make their return to India yet again. Don’t miss out on their latest hit, “I Ain’t Worried”.

Our recommendations to get Lolla ready include: Counting Stars, Good Life and Sunshine

Keane: Melodic Brilliance

Keane, an alternative rock band known for their emotive sound and piano-driven melodies, has carved a niche for itself in the music industry. Their approach to alternative rock is characterized by a focus on intricate compositions and poignant storytelling. Listen to their hit songs like “Somewhere Only We Know” and “Everybody’s Changing” live for their debut in India as they capture the essence of their melodic prowess for the Indian audience. The band’s reliance on piano as a central instrument sets them apart in the alternative rock landscape, creating a signature sound that resonates with a wide audience.

Our recommendations to get Lolla ready include: Love Actually, Somewhere Only We Know and Silenced By The Night

Lauv: Modern Pop Maverick

Modern pop star Lauv returns to his beloved Indian fans with a set of old and new hits like “I Like Me Better” and “Modern Loneliness”. Lauv has become a prominent figure in the pop scene, addressing themes of love and loneliness with a modern twist. His ability to connect with audiences on a personal level through his music has contributed to his rising popularity over the years. His contribution to the pop, electropop and indie pop genres is marked by a blend of introspective lyrics and contemporary production that the younger generation enjoys at large! All set to ‘Steal the Show’, you can catch him perform at Lollapalooza India alongside some of the best global musicians.

Our recommendations to get Lolla ready include: Love U Like That, All 4 Nothing and Love Somebody

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