AgencyAnalytics Unveils ‘Labs’ Functionality

AgencyAnalytics, a provider of automated client reporting solutions for marketing agencies, introduced its Labs functionality, which seeks to deliver new tools to customers.

The first features to be released under Labs include:

  • MultiView Campaigns, which connect multiple accounts per platform integration to a single client campaign; and

  • Google BigQuery Integration, which connects a Google BigQuery instance to reports and dashboards to run custom SQL queries, create macros to filter by date and more.

“At AgencyAnalytics we’ve been delivering immense value to marketers for 13 years, but we can’t allow ourselves to become complacent,” said Joe Kindness, CEO and Co-founder of AgencyAnalytics, in a statement. “That’s why I tasked our team with investing thousands of hours over the recent months to create these new Labs features. We want to empower agencies to not only keep pace with the digital evolution but to actively shape it. By fusing the ingenuity of marketing professionals with our technological expertise, we’re aiming for a more dynamic and responsive future in digital marketing.”

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