10 Best Automatic Cat Litter Box with Self-Cleaning Reviews of 2023

‘The Jetsons’ always reminded me of my futuristic wild dreams of having the sensible automation in a day to day life; especially, an Automatic Cat Litter Box!

Days are gone when you had to grab a scooper and scoop out your kitty’s poop from that conventional cat litter box. Maybe scooping out their fecal wastes is the worst part of owning a cat.

I have been looking for the best automatic cat litter box available nowadays. After doing a thorough research I had selected some of the products and then I purchased them.

My reviews obviously are incomplete without my meow, Lucy’s vote. Here at the PetLovesBest, I will help you to choose the perfect automatic litter box for your kitty.

These modern litter boxes come with the self-cleaning feature which makes it superior to the conventional ones.

Our Favorite Automatic Cat Litter Box

Here, I have mentioned the automatic poop boxes obviously powered by electricity or a negligible human intervention. Let’s have a peek into the Automatic Cat Litter Box I have listed as the best ones. And then I will be reviewing each product in detail. Before I discuss all the litter boxes I have selected some best litter boxes according to my choice.

Editors’ Pick:

  • Best Litter Box for Most Cats
  • robust and smart robot maid for cat
  • Premium Quality Litter Box

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Top 10 Automatic Cat Litter Box With Self-Cleaning Feature

A question may arise in your mind what actually an automatic cat litter box is. Well, this term sometimes is mistaken with the term self-cleaning poop boxes, which need not be automatic.

The self-cleaning term is related to the elimination of the conventional hand picking of the fecal waste using a scooper. As a matter of fact, every automatic cat litter box facilitates self-cleaning feature.

1. Litter Robot III

Litter Robot III

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Litter robot III is the new model of its series. Also, the latest version of this litter box connects to your smartphone through wifi making the cleaning operation more convenient. If you are the person who cannot stand a sight of cat feces, this robot maid can be super helpful to deal with your kitty’s messy stuff.

The litter robot III can be expensive for you but the features it facilitates are awesome. Litter robot company of Autopets has upgraded their litter robot II which makes this product the best automatic cat litter box. Let me tell you about the features which make it special among the other automatic poop boxes.

This device is powered by electricity which makes it fully automatic cat litter box. The globe set on the base of the unit rotates and sifts the clumping litter. Furthermore, your cat’s fecal waste is collected into the waste tray placed inside the bottom of the device.

If a small voice of crack can disturb your sleep then this feature of litter box 3 assures you won’t get disturbed by a low humming voice of the unit. Once you set the unit on sleep time, it will turn off the litter box for 8 hours. In addition to this, this will repeat itself the next day so that you will not have to set it up again every day.

Three buttons on the control panel of this device let you monitor and control the function of the unit. You can reset the whole device in order to calibrate the cat sensor every time you change the litter box position or change the litter.

Not limited to resetting the device, you can empty the globe and get the litter drained into the waste tray just by pressing a button. In addition to this, you can set the wait-time (3,7 or 15 minutes). This time is the pre-set time after which the device will start its self-cleaning process as soon as your kitty left the Automatic Cat Litter Box.

The latest version of the litter robot comes with the wifi connectivity, which connects the litter robot to your iPhone. This feature lets you control and monitor your litter robot remotely.

Cats develop some vision-related problems as they grow up older. Litter robot comes with a blue light which automatically turns on when needed. So, in the case when your kitty couldn’t find her poop box, she can see the blue light and can locate it easily.

Won’t your feline friend get freaked out if she is doing her business inside and suddenly the litter box starts rotating? Well, the smart cat sensor inside stops the self-cleaning process as soon as your cat enters into it and restarts cleaning cycle after your cat leaves.

  • Package arrives in assembled form and however, the setup is easy.
  • You can leave the Automatic Cat Litter Box for a longer period without any attention to it.
  • Litter containing part is made of rubber which can withstand cat’s scratching while her digging and burying process of feces.
  • Superior odor control using the vents and charcoal filter on the waste tray.
  • Blue light helps your kitty to use the litter box at night.
  • An upgrade to litter robot connect is available.
  • Battery backup for 48 hours (for 10 cleaning cycles per day)
  • Cat sensor on it can only detect the weight greater than or equal to 5 lbs. Hence, this device is not for the kittens weighing less than 5 lbs.
  • Control panel doesn’t show the current wait time directly.
  • The smart connect feature only works on ios 9.0 and above.
  • It is heavy and costly.

2. Scoopfree Ultra

PetSafe Scoopfree Ultra Automatic Cat Litter Box


Second on my list is the Scoopfree litter box by petsafe. It is the best automatic cat litter box among the poop boxes with the self-cleaning feature of its kind. The combination of rake mechanism and the non-clumping crystal litter makes it unique. And, not limiting to this, its other features are so appealing and make the cleaning experience hasslefree.

  • Premium Blue Crystal Litter

The non-clumping crystal litter absorbs the urinal waste and dries up the solid fecal waste in no time. Hence, when the rake sweeps through the litter, the solid waste has already lost its odor-causing moisture. And then, it goes into the waste trap where it can be stored until it is full.

This is one of the reasons why I like this product. The litter box consists of a cardboard litter tray, so when it gets full with poop all you need to do is replace it with a new one. Moreover, if you find changing litter trays costing you more, you can buy a plastic tray that is compatible with this product.

  • Safety Sensor And Health Counter

Does your furball suffer from any health-related problems? You can track how many times your kitty has used her poop box. You can consult your vet if you find anything suspicious. Safety sensor detects the cat’s presence inside this automatic cat litter box and when it leaves, the unit will count the preset time (5, 10 or 20 minutes) and will clean again.

Is your kitty a little bit privy? The privacy hood it comes with can give her some privacy for digging and burying her treasure. Moreover, privacy hoods are efficient in eliminating the litter tracking. However, the crystal litter is less sticky compared to the other types of clumping and non-clumping litter.

In addition to this, you have two options to choose the privacy hood from for this automatic cat litter box. One is Top-Entry ultra and the other one is normal which lets your cat enter from the front side of the litter box.

  • Setup of this Automatic Cat Litter Box is quite easy.
  • Scooping by stainless steel rake is quiet and without jamming.
  • Three preset times: 5 minutes, 10 minutes and 20 minutes is available.
  • Cat sensor and health recorder help you to function the litter box well and helps in monitoring your cat’s health respectively.
  • You can start cleaning cycle immediately by pressing a button.
  • Replacing disposable litter trays can be costly for you.
  • Solid fecal waste can stick on the rake if the waste doesn’t dry up completely before sweeping.
  • This litter box is only for the cats older than 6 months.

3. Litter Robot II Automatic Cat Litter Box

Litter Robot II Automatic Cat Litter Box

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Litter Robot II is the previous version of the litter robot III which I have reviewed earlier. This automatic cat litter box has secured the Third position on my top 10 list.

This litter box works on the same rotate and clean principle. Also, it facilitates more or less the same features with a slight variation. I will let you know just major differences between these two products that you should consider while selecting what you are looking for.

First, litter robot II doesn’t have blue LED. If your feline furball doesn’t suffer from any vision problems then this missing feature doesn’t really matter.

Second, the battery backup option. This is the newly added feature in robot III and the battery inside avails 10 cleaning cycles per day for 48 hours. This is an extra feature and you do not really need it if you are ok to leave your litter robot plugged in while traveling for a couple of days.

Third, there are no vents on the drawer of this unit. However, there is one more thing that makes this missing feature reasonable. Litter Robot II doesn’t have the litter drawer indicator which indicates when it is full. Considering this, you will have to slide out the drawer time to time and check whether it is full or not. This will do the job for you and there is no need of vents in the drawer.

Some of the miscellaneous features like control panel lockout, sleep mode, cat sensor inside the robot (in robot II, it’s on the step of the box), and three different preset wait times ( robot II has only one, 7 minutes) can be overlooked for the bucks you can save by choosing litter robot II over robot III.

  • Easy to set it up.
  • You can leave this Automatic Cat Litter Box for 3-4 days and do not have to take care of any messy stuff of your cat.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Carbon filters for suprior odor control.
  • There is not any indicator which lets you know the litter drawer is full.
  • No battery back up.
  • No vents on drawers.

4. Scoopfree Original Automatic Cat Litter Box

Scoopfree Original Automatic Cat Litter Box


Petsafe has made its best bet on introducing the automatic cat litter box. The Scoopfree original is a variant of Scoopfree Ultra. There is some sort of difference in design retaining its basic working concept.

First, the Scoopfree original does not come with the privacy hood which makes it look like the conventional litter box. Maybe, your cat is ok to poop in open and doesn’t need it. And, you may want to save few bucks by compromising with the litter tracking ability of the privacy hood.

And second, the health counter and multiple preset times are missing in the original type. You may just want to use the automation and the self-cleaning part of this automatic cat litter box. And if this is the case, you can definitely choose this one over ultra.

  • No need to set up anything, just plug in and it is ready to use.
  • This Automatic Cat Litter Box cleans up every 20 minutes after your cat leaves.
  • Quiet operation with a low humming sound.
  • No sticking of fecal waste because the preset time of 20 minutes is ample for drying up of the poop.
  • Disposable trays can be a little costly.
  • Only for the cats above 6 months of age.

5. PetSafe Simply Clean

Petsafe Simply Clean


Petsafe Simply Clean has made it to my list on the 5th position. This automatic cat litter box works on the unique concept of the conveyor system to draw out the clumped waste from the litter and to dump it. The best part of this litter box is that it does not make any loud sound which may scary your kitty.

If you are looking for something quiet and unique self-cleaning concept litter box then this box is worth spending. Conveyor mechanism used over here works quietly and slowly that your kitty won’t even notice. that it’s working. A complete rotation of the litter carrying base would be the 100% of cleaning of the fecal waste inside the litter. Conveyer will take the clumped parts up with itself and will dump the waste into the plastic receptacle.

Once you plug in the litter box, it starts working. The bowl containing the litter will complete its full rotation in an hour. And the cleaning cycle would again start. Hence, you won’t have to take care of the box all the time for cleaning. All you need to take care of regularly is the plastic receptacle and the litter refill.

Petsafe simply clean is a low-rated power device and hence uses less power to operate. Also, it comes with a 6-foot long cable cord which you can easily plugin almost anywhere indoors.

  • Setup is a moderatly easy.
  • Low power rated device and hence low power consumption.
  • This Automatic Cat Litter Box works for the cats up to 15 pounds.
  • A very quiet operation that your cat won’t notice it is cleaning.
  • Uses clumping litter which is cheap comparatively.
  • You can use any plastic bags to collect the waste in the plastic receptacle.
  • It cleans very slowly. If you cannot stand the sight of the clumped waste in the litter box then it may look creepy to you.
  • Clumping litter leads to high litter tracking.

6. Catgenie 120 Self-Washing Self-Flushing Litter Box

Catgenie 120 Self-Washing Self-Flushing Litter Box


If you had ever wondered if your cat has the specially dedicated toilet then this Automatic Cat Litter Box indeed is your kitty’s commode. Its self-cleaning and self-washing feature literally flushes out your kitty’s excretion. If you are looking for the permanent solution for the fecal waste dumping then this may work for you. Let’s see what features it facilitates.

The Catgenie comes with the washable granule cat litter. When your cat urinates inside the box, it directly goes to the reservoir below the box which further goes into the sewage for the proper treatment.

Talking about the solid wastes, the scooper scoops them out and dumps the waste into the tank. After taking out all the solid waste the washing process starts. There is a section provided in the box for the liquid sanitizer solution. This solution then comes into the agitating bottom of the cat box for washing purpose.

This solution washes efficiently and makes the litter granules clean and germ-free.

Yes, this litter box features the flushing of the cat’s excretion. When the solid wastes are collected in a tank above the scooper, the device liquifies the solid wastes and convey it into the sewers. Furthermore, this water goes into the treatment plant as per EPA.

This Automatic Cat Litter Box uses washable granule litter. Having been said, it can last forever, that means it doesn’t need to be changed. However, you need to change it after a few months due to the fact your kitty would kick out some of the litter granules with herself. This feature can save a lot of money for your regular cat litter refill.

  • There is an automatic programmable functionality for flushing and washing of the waste and the litter granules respectively.
  • Sani solution kills all the harmful bacteria and provides hygiene litter to your kitty.
  • It is fully automatic and hence you do not even have to empty out the trash box.
  • Metal scooper and the other parts of the unit are durable.
  • You can go out for quite a long time without worrying about cleaning this litter box like it has been with the other litter boxes.
  • The dryer dries out the wet cat litter after washing process.
  • The setup is a little bit complex and you might need a plumber to set it up for you completely.
  • The cleaning cycle is quite long around and it takes around 20-30 minutes.
  • There are no cat sensors which senses your kitty’s presence and let the device stop for your furball friend if it wants to use the litter box meanwhile.

7. PetZone SmartScoop Automatic Cat Litter Box

PetZone SmartScoop Automatic Cat Litter Box


Petzone smartscoop automatic cat litter box works on the rake mechanism which scoops out the waste from the clumping litter and trash collects it inside the special compartment over the rake.

This litter box has similar functioning as the other litter boxes with the rake mechanism. The rake with poop collecting box together sweeps through the litter box.

There are no such unique features that make this automatic cat litter box outstanding. However, its functioning and, its pros and cons are definitely distinct which you should take into consideration while choosing the right product.

  • Setup and assembly is easy.
  • It is quieter than other products with similar features.
  • Works with any clumping litter available.
  • Indicator LED that helps in operating the cat litter box.
  • A large kitty can use this due to its larger size.
  • 6 no-touch waste bags come with the product.
  • The rake sweeps the litter while cleaning and sometimes the clumped waste acuumulates in the corner of the litter box.
  • Life of carbon filter is short so they need to be replaced regularly.
  • The urine clumps usually are in the bottom of the litter box and sometimes rake misses it to dump.
  • Litter needs to be manually adjusted as rake does not automatically level it up.

8. LitterMaid LM980 Mega

LitterMaid LM980 Mega


This Automatic Cat Litter Box is the best among all the products Littermade has introduced. It has quite better performance than its other similar models. Well, this litter box is automatic and similar functioning as any other box with the rake mechanism.

LM980 litter box has the waste collecting trap at the end of the tray unlike the smartscoop has. This reduces the load on the rake mechanism and consumes less power compared to the No.7product.

Let’s see what features it comes with.

Litter tray has comparatively higher walls and that gives the litter box a good look as well as eliminates litter tracking and spilling. Moreover, high litter containing capacity makes it a multiple cat litter box.

The rake used in this litter box is made up of plastic material. This makes the rake lighter and the cleaning operation can be done with less power.

You can attach this additional antilitter litter ramp to the litter tray. The material inside is effective in reducing the litter tracking your kitty kicks off.

Another key point to mention here is its sensor and preset time for cleaning. The motion sensor detects your furball feline’s presence inside the poop box and stops the operation if it enters meanwhile. Moreover, it comes with the preset time of 10 minutes for cleaning and if your cat enters the box before 10 minutes the sensor will automatically reset the cooldown.

  • It can hold 50% more clumping litter which makes it suitable for multiple cats.
  • There are improvements in this product than its previous models.
  • Its delay time of 10 minutes is pretty much effective as fecal waste does not lay inside litter tray for long.
  • Clamping which fastens waste receptacles are tight which adds to the odor control of carbon filter.
  • Paw ramp eliminates litter tracking.
  • Louder operation makes the cleaning operation irritative.
  • The waste receptacle is small so it needs more dumping if you own more cats.
  • It does not handle soft excretion waste.
  • Waste receptacle trays don’t last for long so you need to purchase them regularly.
  • It gets jammed sometimes.

9. Catit SmartSift Automatic Cat Litter Box

Catit SmartSift Automatic Cat Litter Box


Catit’s smartsift has made it to my list of best automatic litter box on 9th position. However, the litter box is not automatic but it needs cleaning once or twice a day which is almost negligible human intervention.

All you need to do is unlock the lever, swing it slowly and swing it right back in the reverse sense. This will be all for self-cleaning the clumping litter inside it.

Well, even if you buy a fully Automatic Cat Litter Box, you will have to clean it manually at some point. So, this litter box is just not powered by electricity and that’s the only difference and also it is feasible enough to consider this product as automatic.

A plastic lever on the side of the device is everything you need to do the self-cleaning. When you unlock and turn the lever, it rotates the inner drum in order to sift the clumping cat litter. And, when you complete the full cycle, it will dump the clumped particles in the receptacle and bring the litter back into the drum.

  • User-Friendly Construction

It is quite easy to set up and assemble. The construction and the idea of this product for sifting are so effective that a swing of the lever can clean the litter! Moreover, it comes with a fiber transparent door thing on the front of the box, which makes it closed in order to control the odor and hide the litter.

In addition to this, a carbon filter is placed on the top of the box which adds to the odor control ability.

Looking at the maintenance, you just need to take care of the receptacle and dump it into the trash. A swing of the lever a day and dumping of the clumped waste a week is all you would have to do as a maintenance part. This is the fascinating part of this litter box.

  • Easy setup and assembly.
  • Self-cleans on just a single swing of the lever.
  • Negligible maintenance.
  • Entrance and the carbon filter on the top make the litter box effective in odor control.
  • If your kitty is not okay with the plastic door thing, it can be collapsed.
  • No noise in cleaning operation.
  • The entrance of the Automatic Cat Litter Box is a little bit higher so your younger kittens may need guidance to enter the box.
  • A manual effort is needed to perform the self-cleaning operation.
  • If you swing lever swiftly, the litter will not be cleaned properly and a part of litter will not get back into the tray.

10. Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box

Omega Paw Self-Cleaning Litter Box


Here is the last product on my top 10 list of Automatic Cat Litter Box. Omega Paw self-cleaning litter box is again, a manually operated self-cleaning litter box which requires quite less human intervention for cleaning of the litter box.

The functioning is different than the previous product and by different functioning I mean, the effort it takes to self-clean is unique.

How Does It Work?

It uses clumping cat litter and when your kitty is done with her business inside, you can start cleaning it. This litter box works on the roll and clean concept which I have shown you is used in other automatic litter boxes too.

First, you need to make sure the litter box is at the place where you can completely roll it. If not, change the place of the poop box where you have ample room.

For cleaning, you will have to roll it in a clockwise sense (or simply right side) facing from the front. As the box completes its full rotation, you will have to roll it back in the original position of the box. Furthermore, overrotate it few more degrees in order to make sure all the litter is back in the litter box.

And, now if you see draw out the waste collector, you will found clumped waste collected inside it.

  • No power supply is required so you can use it without taking power supply into consideration.
  • Setup is easier.
  • You need not clean the Automatic Cat Litter Box immediately after your kitty uses it as silica clumped litter is better at odor control.
  • Litter tracking is in greater extent.
  • Fasteners used in this litter box are not leakproof and when you roll it you may sometimes see the silica litter lined on the floor.
  • A regular maintenance for making the area clean and litter-free is required.
  • Ample space is required to roll it.

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The Verdict

Confused yet? Well, there is no need. I have ranked these Automatic Cat Litter Boxes based on the cumulative effect of the factors such as performance, the automation, and the price. You can choose what suits you and your furball feline.

However, you can go with any of the Automatic Cat Litter Box I have reviewed over here as all these products are best ones among the similar litter boxes available on the market.

Let me tell you one thing, there is no such thing as a fully-automatic litter box. You cannot leave the box and let it clean itself and dump it off for you and you have to look after it no matter what.

Share all happy and sad moments of your kitty and the litter box you have used in the comment section below.


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