Zingly Enters The Market $10M In Seed Funding

Zingly.ai generated $10 million in seed funding to launch its collaborative customer experience platform, which seeks to combine generative AI, digital interactions and telephony to help businesses accelerate revenue and build last customer relationships.

Zingly is a no-code-low-code platform designed to support service and sales operations for businesses of all sizes while providing hyper-personalization for customers. A key feature of the release includes Zingly-Rooms, which the company describes as always-on spaces where customers can instantly connect and collaborate with businesses. The rooms are supported by the company’s generative AI product technologies, which include Relationship-AI and Zingly-Buddy.

“Traditional contact center solutions are out of date and simply not personable for customers, or scalable for businesses,” said Gaurav Passi, CEO and Founder of Zingly, in a statement. “The math is clear: There are approximately 16.5 million call center agents globally handling potentially billions of customers. More importantly, the frustration and long wait times associated with traditional calling and rigid workflow-driven chatbots have created what we call a fear of reaching out (FORO) among customers. Our vision with Zingly is to destroy FORO and make it collaborative for customers and businesses to come together.”

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