Nectar’s Cooling Mattress Is As Low As $350 Right Now

“I love everything about it! I was way overdue for a new mattress and purchased the Queen size. It’s soft enough and firm enough to support you properly. It inflated in minutes and is so cool to the touch it’s amazing. When I move around the bed my cats don’t even move or shake around! I wouldn’t hesitate to but a Nectar mattress. Thank you because as a new cancer patient, I feel like my mattress is going to help heal my body.” — Denise Chapel

“This is my first foam mattress, and I took a leap of faith when I purchased it. I have slept on them for brief periods before but never full time. I got frustrated with my older conventional Sealy Posturepedic because when I slept on my side my arms and shoulders would fall asleep and I would wake up in pain. I bought a foam topper, but it was too thin and only gave me a little relief. I eventually got fed up with waking up to aches and pains and did my research and purchased this fantastic NECTAR Premier foam Mattress. I admit for the first 72 hours I was pretty concerned since it took that long for the NECTAR to completely expand and form up the proper density. What a difference! I never wake up in pain, I fall asleep so quick I love it! I hope it lasts a long time but so far I am very very happy with this mattress and highly recommend it to others in search of a comfy mattress. I wanted one that was at first soft then got firm as you sink in, so it maintains my posture but creates no pressure points and this one is perfect.” — jas67

“I co sleep and breastfeed on this mattress and both me and baby are sleeping better and longer on this mattress. I used to think I was a super light sleeper, turns out I just had a bad mattress. I go back to sleep faster when I wake up in the middle of the night and when I wake up I feel more rested. My body has less aches and pains. I feel like my whole day is better because I’m sleeping the same amount but the quality of sleep is way better. If you’re a mom of an infant, or for whatever reason aren’t getting as much sleep as you’d like out having to wake up multiple times a night, this mattress on a platform bed is worth every penny. I just wish I had done it a long time ago.” — Gigi

“This is not that sink in feeling of the typical mattress in boxes – what is that stuff, foam? – anyway, there’s a little bit of that but not total abyss of becoming one with your mattress. There’s also structure. You can’t sit on the edges like you could with the mattresses in the 80s-00s and have it support you fully.

Anyway – im pulling anywhere from 7-9 hours a night in this mattress. I bought a cooling blanket and a flat pillow and that’s it. As a 50 year old woman, who has hot flashes and sometimes night sweats because the lord above decided we needed to also experience this luxury of aging – I digress, I have had a small fraction of these experiences with my current setup.

I learned that sleep is the best thing a person can do for themselves and I didn’t want you all wondering if you can try and trust this mattress. I tried. I am comfortably sleeping through the night on this mattress and I would buy it again (at this point). I’ll update if that changes.” — Kristen

“It’s difficult to unpack yourself but once it is unrolled it only takes 48-72 hours to fluff up. Initially, I found the mattress uncomfortable but once it sorted itself out I really liked it! The only think I dislike about it is that I weigh 108lbs so I don’t quite sink in like I would like husband who is heavier has no complaints. It really helps with any back pain too!” — Best wipes!

This product is really great. I appreciated the medium firmness level which proved to be just perfect for my back. The Triple-Action Cooling feature is a bonus for those hot summer nights. In a nutshell, both the comfort and cooling abilities of this mattress are impressive. Highly recommended!” — B bese

This bed is a game changer. I no longer wake up with back pain or leg pain. I like that I can move around at night without disturbing my husband. If you are going from an inner spring mattress, this will take some time to get used to but give it a chance and you will definitely notice a difference in your sleep quality. I know what people complain that memory foam mattress run hot but I haven’t experienced that with this mattress.” — Dee P.

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